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68kg Idli Made To Pay Tribute To Jayalalithaa And Twitteratis Reactions Are Weird

Published on 22 December, 2016 at 1:45 pm By

5th December, 2016 was a black day for our nation as one of the best Chief Ministers in Indian history left us mourning. News of Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa’s death made 597 people commit suicide. The whole nation was crying but Tamil Nadu citizens were facing the real loss.



Many paid tribute to Amma by making huge sand statues of her and others by making sculptures. Now, people have another unique way of paying tribute to Amma — a 68kg idli has been cooked in the shape of Jayalalithaa’s face to pay tribute to Jayalalithaa.


The idli is being shown to everyone at the Marina beach. Though, there is no news about what they are going to do with such a huge idli.


The news of the 68kg idli went viral and Twitter users seem confused on how to react to such a tribute. Take a look at some of the mixed reactions given by Twitteratis.


Did you like the idli in the shape of Amma’s face? Do share your opinion on such tribute in the comments section below!

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