6 Ways To Spot A Typical Jat Boy On Delhi Streets

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11:00 pm 22 Aug, 2014


It’s not wise to judge someone on the basis of cast and religions, but it’s peculiar that one can’t control oneself from noticing some of the characteristics and personality traits that are unique to the defined strata. For example punjabis are loud, biharis are said to be bhaiyas (I am a bihari too, but wonder how I can become a bhaiya), kolkatans are noticed to be argumentative and so on. Though some may differ, however it is intriguing how and why such common behavior is observed, something researchers take keen interest in.

If you are a keen observer of human behavior then probably you are quick in noticing who’s who. For those who can’t we bring to you few prominent traits of one of such predominant casts, The Jats. They need no introduction if you are familiar with their antics, for those who don’t, Jat is the ethnic group of people who are inhabitants of North India predominantly residing in Haryana and Punjab. But whether the following traits are sheer stereotypes or facts are completely subjective and so is this post.


6. Tall and handsome


It’s difficult to miss that they are good looking. They have a knack to keep themselves fit and hence indulge into sports like kabbadi and kushti. They have Aryan physical features, wheatish complexion, broad shoulders, long neck that make them look pretty presentable. So if your heart goes weak on your knees seeing a Jat, you now know why.

Tall and handsome

5. Unusual accent

No wonder they are good looking, but one thing that’s a total miss, a disconnect from that handsome face is their accent. Whatever they say, generally appears to the other as being rude. Trust me, it’s not always they talk rudely in their bindaas language, but what’s not soothing to ears is noticeable and well….not liked by many.

Unusual accent

4. No if, no but, sirf JAT

They are very proud of their identity, well who isn’t, but they are simply devotees of ‘jatism’ (wonder if that terminology exists). One can quickly notice this side of theirs if they enter a brawl or are trying to flaunt just like that. They are fearless which is proven by a popular saying about them which is ‘A Jat is dead only after thirteen days have passed after his death‘ – so much for fearlessness.

No if, no but, sirf JAT

3. Hardworking

Born from the soil and traditionally herders, they are immensely hardworking individuals. So the misconception of this section of people being laidback might not actually be true. Well, exceptions might be there, but majority of them still have the verve and ‘go for it’ attitude.


2. F*** Y**

Swearing! They don’t shy away from using a few f*** words here and there. Blame it on their carefree attitude or fiery nature. If they get angry they might land some unheard words on you leaving you wondering with what answer to give in return. Trust me, don’t even think about trying it!

F*** Y**

1. Khao, Piyo, Aish Karo

This aptly sums up how a Jat leads his life. You can find them simply enjoying life. Eating to the fullest and living life king size. So if you notice a guy enjoying his grandeur, not with money – just with life, you know who that smart, hardworking, flamboyant guy is. Rightly put in a punjabi saying “Khet me khat ka aur zindagi me jaat ka mazaa e nyara ho se


 Khao, Piyo, Aish Karo

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