6 Ways To Spot A Douchebag On Social Media

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:43 pm


Let’s go hunting for a douchebag, but the real question is – how to do that? The social networking world is home to numerous doucebags, and so the best tracking grounds are websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and so on. They’re idiosyncratic – the easiest way to recognize them is to look for typical traits that include, tweeting one’s own achievements (which are minimal in the first place) and asking their followers (mostly paid) to comment. Not only are they ‘name-droppers’ who love poking their nose in your online affairs, but also adore professing social media strategies to others. Here are 6 ways to spot a douchebag on social media.

6. The Self-Proclaimed Geek:

It’s all me and I know the best for the entire social media world. This is their mantra of life and the central focus of their existence on social media platforms. They have an answer for every problem the world is reeling with, but they only extend their helping hand on social media platforms.

They adore posting their achievements on their walls, expecting their followers to shower praises on them. In case, you fail to do such, be ready to find your message box loaded with their requests for doing likewise. Ultimately, you have to give into their demands. They are wonderful at selling their products, and know how to pitch the right targets.

The Self-Proclaimed Geek - Ways To Spot A Douchebag On Social Media

5. Big Egos:

Social media douchebags are often described by the big inflated egos that they carry. Such is their attitude that they add more people to their friend lists with the sole motive of making their list of ‘followers’ grow. Once you find a place in their personal account, they won’t mind talking to you again and again. Purpose solved, job done!


They mostly have status updates such as “Help me reach 4,000 followers, I am almost there.” They will force you to follow them and the pestering doesn’t stop, till the point you don’t actually give them a place in your personal list. They may appear lively and harmless at the first look, but, once you find yourself entrapped in their schemes, there is no respite. Phew, Phew!

Big Egos - Ways To Spot A Douchebag On Social Media

4. Retweeting Birds:

It doesn’t require rocket science to identify a douchebag on social media provided you are not a douchebag in yourself. Anyone who is hyperactive on social network and aggressively retweeting on the podium, is just surviving there to earn a name. They are always determined to have more and more people like what they post and for this they don’t mind retweeting posts a several times over. ‘Retweet’ is the name of success for these foolhardy creatures.

Retweeting Birds - Ways To Spot A Douchebag On Social Media

3. Self-Proclaimed Celebrity:

Such people were the members of a tribe, which was ignored by almost everyone in the society in pre internet era. However, as social networking sites evolved they managed to create their own little space. It all went fine until they started yearning for a celebrity status. Normally, these people have a big list of followers and mostly paid. So, if you are good at handling social market tools for marketing purpose, they can be your clients. Of course, they are harmless when dealt properly.

Self-Proclaimed Celebrity - Ways To Spot A Douchebag On Social Media

2. Social Media Strategist:

Such beings are self-proclaimed social media strategists who possess a solution for almost every problem you may have, provided you ask for the solution through social media portals. They are always willing to give in to chatting with random people, seeking to increase their personal and professional contacts, pretending to be a comprehensive social media strategist. But, beware and avoid them for all the tea in China as douchebags are much better when kept at a distance.

Social Media Strategist - Ways To Spot A Douchebag On Social Media

1. “I Am the Best” Attitude:


It’s all about “I, me and myself”. This is the mantra that they follow in their daily life. The tribe of douchebags on social media loves flaunting their ‘I am the best’ attitude on a constant basis. And, they make sure you get entrapped in their talks. As soon as they sense that you have become their best bunny, they try selling you their schemes and products. It’s always advised to maintain a distance from them as they can make you turn nuts within no time.

“I Am the Best” Attitude - Ways To Spot A Douchebag On Social Media

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