6 Ways Social Media Is Making You A Psychopath

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:55 pm


Social media is a platform of digital connectivity. As we have tablets, phones and computers on our finger tips we are spending more time online and making our life more vulnerable to all the adversities of these instruments. It has touched our both personal and professional lives. On the other hand we define psychopaths as the personality disorder and it is not necessarily to have masks on psychopaths they are identified having anti social behaviour. Psychopaths are remorseful and they lack empathy for the people. Now here we might credit the social media for increasing our life to a standard but on the other part we cannot ignore that it is also making us a ‘Psychopath’ that is disturbing our psychological well being. The social connection is delivering in the long run the harmful effects if not used wisely. It is deteriorating our attitude and behaviour day by day. If social media is doing so, let’s explore how.


6. Decreased productivity

A company provides with the social media to an employee so as to have the increased productivity but when this social media is used for checking the profiles of the friends then the problem arises. There may be a very marginal number of people who do this but the effects of this are bad. Social media here deviates from the work assigned and jumping on to the non productive one.


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5. Privacy harmed

Social media encourages people to reveal their day to day activities publicly. Some of which details are intimate and private and it is passed easily whenever it is discussed. In fact everything is available about an individual online. Not always, but most of the time, people use it in the negative way and thus harming the other person.


4. Bad behaviour

We cannot blame social media totally for the misconduct in the behaviour but 42% of young people are vulnerable to cyber crime. The 28% of children between 11 years to 16 years faces bullying either on phone or internet.


3. Self obsessed

People have become self occupied and they spend 30% to 40% of their subjective experiences daily on the social media. Nearly 80% of the population on social media is practising it as a regular routine. A research reveals that there is change in the profile picture of 37% of the population on a daily basis.


2. Anti social

Nowadays people have become anti social but if have a look at this report, 24% people misses their real life charm because of the social media. And another shocking percentage reveals that 51% of the population checks social networking sites during dinner.

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1. Untruthfulness and lying

A survey was conducted on 2000 women and it was found that about 30% lie about doing something when they are at home alone. This has increased the infidelity too amongst the relationship because a person manages to hide things. Another data says that 20% of the holiday activities and jobs are false.



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