6 Corrupt Habits Indian Parents Should Avoid For The Sake Of Their Children

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 8:15 pm


Dishonesty is always a legacy that is handed down from the top. So if you are corrupt parents who refuse to budge from their ways, there is every possibility that your child will be a corrupt citizen too. All this talk of becoming a superpower is futile if each one of us does not take a pledge of getting this country rid of corruption. We owe it to our children to give them good values, to help them grow into responsible citizens. Let’s have a look at the corrupt habits most Indian parents practice knowingly and unknowingly.

6. Take medical leave for aunt’s marriage

The school authorities are the child’s first encounter with authority in life. It is the place to teach him to be honest, to respect authority and abide by the rules. But, if you tell him to carry fake medical certificates for leaves that were availed for personal reasons you become his first teacher in the school of cheating. Don’t you?

Medical leave

5. You must come first in class by hook or crook


All the times you fooled a teacher and got away with cheating in exams is not a story that can be classified in your achievements of childhood. By bragging about your cheating tactics you are justifying this dishonest practice in front of the child. A child who does not understand the importance of hard work from a young age will never be successful in life. We put so much pressure on them to succeed that they are forced to cheat.

Hard work

4. I duped the CCTV

You come home so relaxed and happy telling yourself ‘oh I could get away with without getting noticed or being caught, and thank God for the day’.  But the next time you come home with something you did not pay for, think of your child’s behaviour and conduct when he grows up.


3. Stop Being An Idealist

You ask your husband to stop being too honest and be like others, if not will all find hard to survive in today’s corrupt world. Who do you think your child should follow and be like? You or your husband?

Stop Being An Idealist

2. I won’t pay the parking ticket

Every time you break the traffic rule or park your vehicle at wrong spot, you are given a ticket for it. But why shout at the honest traffic man or policeman when he tries to follow the rules or why request him to dismiss the case by bribing him? Is this the way, and that too in front of your children?

Red light

1. Classifying your five-year-old as three-year-old at ticket counters

Modern middle class couples take pride in leading a global lifestyle, where they go malling on the weekends and take international holidays once a year. But when they are paying entry tickets or making travel plans they will classify a five year old as three in order to get discounted rates. Most of the times they don’t even realize that the child in question is part of this conversation and takes it as a normal thing to do.


Ticket counters