6 Ways An Outsider Can Enjoy In Bangalore

Updated on 3 Mar, 2014 at 3:34 pm


What an insider, outsider or extra-terrestrial can enjoy in Bangalore, unanimously, is its amazing climate. The city has grown enormously in past few years, gaining and losing some of its charm simultaneously. Though Bangalore has recently lost some of its landmarks, new buildings have cropped up, allowing the city to merge with the changing lifestyle of people. Apart from the golden oldies like Vidhana Souda, Bangalore palace, Lalbagh, Cubbon Park, the city has seen the rise of new bars with stylish look, world class hotels and restaurants, multiplexes, IT corporations and theaters coming up everywhere. Many outsiders have made Bangalore their home, to meet their own challenges in life and also to meet the challenges Bangalore is facing as a fast growing city. Bangalore is a friendly city where outsiders are often treated with respect. Life in Bangalore can be total merriment for fun loving people no matter where you come from. For those people who are not familiar with the city, here are 6 ways in which an outsider can enjoy in Bangalore.

6. Art and Music

For people who enjoy music, art, theaters or movies, there are excellent shows and programs organized in Bangalore from time to time. Apart from regional movies, you can watch the best of Bollywood and Hollywood movies in the grand multiplexes and movie theaters in Bangalore. For those who seek entertainment, Bangalore has much to offer to the satiate the taste of every art and movie lover.

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Art and Music

5. Find your water hole

For those who are used to nightlife after guzzling down a few drinks, disappointment waits in Bangalore; since, all the pubs and bars are shut down after 11.p.m. NO, Bangalore does not come alive in night, it just gets under a blanket and goes to sleep. But for those who do not mind stepping out of bars and pubs before 11 p.m., there are some amazing places where can enjoy their drinks, in cool ambience with soft music accompanying them.

Find your water hole

4. Food Lovers Paradise

Bangalore can be a food lover’s paradise with wide variety of local and Indian dishes available all over the city. Besides,the city boasts of exclusive continental, Chinese, American, Mexican, Italian and other famous cuisines from all over the world. The economic and social diversity of Bangalore has seen a wide range of cuisine being available to the city dwellers. Apart from top restaurants, the fast food joints, roadside vendors, tea stalls and chats are also quite popular in the city. The Udupi hotels serve one of the most delicious vegetarian foods at very reasonable price.

food lovers

3. Gaming centers and resorts

Bangalore offers some of the best gaming centers like Amoeba, entertainment parks and resorts for fun with family and friends. Some of the parks have great water rides for limitless enjoyment. The gaming centers have bowling alleys, archery and other computerized games. The resorts also have wonderful arrangement of swimming pools, games (both indoor and outdoor), cycling tracks and food to keep the family entertained for the whole day.

gaming centre

2. Be Seduced by Shopping Malls

Being seduced by the shopping malls which are cropping all over the city is the latest fad among toddlers, youngsters, teens, couples, middle-aged and senior citizens. From simple and small shopping centers to the luxury malls of UB city, the experience is exhilarating, especially when you land in a shop with huge discounts. A wide range of products from all over India and world is available at reasonable price in the city. Be it the latest electronic gadget, branded products, new fashions or food, the malls offers everything to its customers.

Stoneridge Shopping Center, Pleasanton, CA

1. Outdoor sports and activities

Bangalore is an ideal place for outdoor sports and other activities, as it has pleasant climate throughout the year. In addition the whole city is dotted with various gardens and parks which welcome you even in the heart of the city. There are exclusive clubs and groups available for sports lovers and those who seek outdoor activities. The cycling fervor is catching up with the city of Bangalore as you can spot cyclists even on busy roads now. It is a great place for walks as well.


outdoor sports

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