6 Ways To Minimize Body Pain After Workout

12:02 pm 9 Dec, 2013

Physical workout is utterly important for perfect health, probably the best way to stay physically and mentally fit. Light exercises are always a great idea, for they don’t require too much effort and besides, help you stay active and energetic throughout the day. However, if you wish to vigorously exercises, especially strength training, a part of your daily workout routine, you will have to cope up with muscle soreness and overall body pain. It would be important to minimize post-workout muscle pain to be able to undertake these physical activities everyday on routine basis. Here are top 6 ways to help avoid, or minimize post-workout body pain:


6. Easy Exercises and Stretching:

Having muscle pain after workout doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising or take complete rest for days, but you should simply replace heavy exercises with lighter and easier ones until your body fully recovers. This helps you to be regular with your workout routine as well as prevent muscle and overall body pain. Let the muscles that are inflamed rest and take lighter exercises to train different muscles. Newly trained muscles will support sore areas and help them fight soreness and remove pain. Also, stretch all your overworked muscles after a tough workout session. This will boost up blood circulation and help your muscles recover quickly.

Easy Exercises and Stretching - Ways to Minimize Body Pain after Workout

5. Ice Bath:

Gyming people and athletes always have a habit of taking ice bath and contrast water therapy or hot and cold compress to minimize muscle soreness, cure injuries and recover fast. A thorough ice bath will constrict and dilate blood vessels in order to eliminate waste materials present in the tissue. Try cold compress for 15 to 20 minutes and hot compress for about 10 minutes to prevent inflammation and swelling and heal muscle tenderness and pain respectively!

Ice Bath - Ways To Minimize Body Pain After Workout

4. A Thorough Massage:

Your body burns energy during vigorous activities and improper oxygen supply for the conversion of glycogen into glucose causes the muscles to sore. The muscles stiffen slowly due to improper blood circulation. That means your body will recover if you can make the blood flow normal. A through massage is one of the best ways to do it, but you should treat the affected area with slow and gentle strokes. Keep pressure limited and controlled and muscle pain will vanish in just a moment.

A Thorough Massage - Ways To Minimize Body Pain After Workout

3. Fluid Replacement:

Your body loses a great deal of fluid while exercising, especially when most of the exercises that you do are high-intensity. Obviously, excessive loss of body fluids will lead to extra fatigue and body pain once you body is relaxed. The best way to prevent the loss of body fluid is to replace it during workout, and it is even more important to fill up after exercise. You can increase water intake to improve your body’s capacity to recover. Also, sufficient water content in your body will boost your metabolism so that nutrient transfer doesn’t get affected. Be keen toward fluid replacement if running is a part of your workout routine.

Fluid Replacement - Ways To Minimize Body Pain After Workout

2. Proper Diet:

Fueling your body with an appropriately balanced diet is a necessity when it comes to recovering after workout. During your exercise session you deplete all your energy and you need to eat healthy so that your body can repair damaged tissues, produce new ones, restore energy and be prepared for next workout session. Protein and carbohydrates are the most important food contents your body needs to heal ripped tendons and muscles. These diet elements get converted into energy and contribute to muscle mass building. Make your diet protein rich so that your body doesn’t lack energy to heal muscles and relax pain and tenderness.

Proper Diet - Ways To Minimize Body Pain After Workout

1. Proper Rest:

Once you’ve tried all the above mentioned remedies after workout, it is time for rest and a sound, undisturbed sleep, the best way to make other methods work and ensure recovery! Your body will make the most of its natural healing capacity once you allow it to lay inactive for some time. Your body needs time to channelize all its functions that help it in breaking protein content taken through diet, restoring energy, repairing ripped tissue and muscles and heal any injuries, minor or major. Though natural healing mechanism of your body will work in even a state of nonstop activities and lack of rest, proper rest and inertia help it maintain its natural pace and deliver best results. All in all, after a workout session full of vigorous physical activities and application of miscellaneous recovery remedies, doing nothing is all you need to do!

Proper Rest - Ways To Minimize Body Pain After Workout


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