6 Ways To Find A Wedding Photographer In India

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:15 pm


An Indian wedding can only be captured in its true spirit by an Indian photographer. There can be no two thoughts about this. This generation is keen on being photographed by the right person and in the right way, isn’t it? And, why not? After all, wedding albums are the ones that are going to remain with you forever to cherish. However, finding your choicest wedding photographer is not an easy job. You have to keep in mind a large number of factors. Let’s take a look at how the process can be made easier:

6. Wedding Photography Is Very, Very Different From Normal Clicks

The perfect wedding photography tells a story as one goes through the pictures. It can’t only be the pictures of the bride and groom dressed in finery and the others making merry. It’s your wedding and you would love to look your very best (we mean, in pictures!). There are photographers in India who concentrate only on wedding photography. They specialize in this genre which is quite different from landscape or portrait photography. Your work will be to find out the best among them having a clear picture of what you want in your mind. A bit of research here and there always helps!

Wedding Photography Is Very, Very Different From Normal Clicks

5. Know Very Well About Your Wants

With the rise in awareness and attraction of wedding photography, most people flock to professional photographers for their rescue. But let’s remind you, a photographer who is good at his job will be different from the rest. How to understand? Well, a good wedding photographer will enquire about you and your partner, about how you met, was it love or arranged, how close you are, in short, the story of your relationship till date. It is through knowing you that he will be able to portray both of you in the right and most beautiful manner. But if the talk is only related to budget, then you know where the door is!

Know Very Well About Your Wants

4. Money Wows and Woes

You were waiting for this weren’t you? We know, budget issues are the only things that are plaguing your mind at the moment. A wedding is an expensive affair – everything is costly, from jewellery to dinner. But, isn’t paying for good photography worth it? You can save from beforehand as you do for other expenses. Unlike earlier times, photography has become a very important and an integral part of Indian weddings. If you want it for yourself, you must start saving from now. The least that you can expect from a professional photographer on an average is from 15,000 to 20,000 bucks. The maximum can get to a few lakhs. You can choose according to your budget.


Money Wows and Woes

3. Know About the various Styles of Wedding Photography

There was the conventional and now there is the unconventional. Which one do you want? After deciding on one style you have to look for someone who specializes in that form. Unconventional wedding photography has taken the wedding market by storm. There is hardly anyone who wants their photography to be in the age old way. Newer and not-so-conventional styles are very in, and you will love them once you have a glance of one. But the ones who like the ancient ways are free to do so.

Know About the various Styles of Wedding Photography

2. Know About Your Photographer Well Before You Appoint Him

A professional photographer will always have his work with him to show his customers. Without knowing about the body or history of someone’s work you must never call it a deal. Hey, your wedding is not an experimenting lab, isn’t it? Talk about every little detail with him (what you want, budget, place) and only if you feel fully convinced do finalize him. There are many of them in the market, get the best man and make your wedding the most memorable one.

Know About Your Photographer Well Before You Appoint Him

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Flatpebble is an online destination to find more than 800 photographers. You can interact with each and talk about your wishes. All you need to do is post your details and within few hours there will be a large number of photographers ready for you to choose from. And hey, it’s for free! The details about payments and places can be discussed at great detail beforehand. You can also use their app for better convenience. The budget is also divided into three parts namely, economy, experience and premium. You can choose according to your budget. All under one roof!

Flatpebble – Your One Way Solution to All Problems