6 Ways You Can Do Your Bit To Stop Child Labor In India

9:00 am 12 Apr, 2014

Whenever we give a lecture on India or speak publicly on India, more than often, we tend to romanticize about our Nation and, if we don’t, we blame the Government, the management and the people of India for all the discrepancies that have led India retain its 3rd world status. However, if we stop lecturing and speak out or do something worthwhile at the right time, we can bring about a change—no matter how small it is.

Among the innumerable evils that have become a trend in India, child labor is the foremost for it curbs the future of the children—the future of India. However, by following these ways, we can, in our small little way, help in diminishing this crime to some extent—

6. Speak Out; Your Voice Matters

We understand that you’re an epitome of gentleness, but if you’re really a gentleman or a gentlewoman, then you would never keep quite in case you see a child, below 14 years of age, working at your friends’ or colleagues’ houses. Talking this matter out with them would go a long way to solve this matter, and if they’re adamant, well, then who’s stopping you from being a villain?


5. Teach and Enlighten the Poor People around You

No, we’re not asking you to give up your lucrative job and settle in as a no-profit teacher. But, you can surely take out some time from your hectic schedule and spend it on talking about the ills of child labor and how much of a criminal offence it is to the slum dwellers. You can start by talking it out with your own domestic help or gardener—getting a sound advice from the master always works upon them. Try this; it’s not going to harm anyone!


4. Write up Articles on Child Labor to the Electronic and Print Media

One of the best ways to spread and let your opinion know to all is by posting articles on newspapers, magazines and internet. It’s a technique that has proven to be fruitful since ages. By writing strong articles against Child Labor repeatedly everywhere, you’re bound to get a strong positive appraisal of your work, and hence, raise a serious and much-needed pan-Indian awareness.

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3. Make a Small Society and Impart Education to the nearby Slum Children

If you strongly raise a protest, no matter how small-scale it is, you’re surely to be backed by a small minion in no time. So, make use of that, and set up a Sunday school for the Children, where, besides imparting the bookish knowledge, you can also impart knowledge about the social ills. Remember, a child’s mind is like a lump of clay—you can shape it whatever way you want to. So, exercise the power to the fullest and bring about a change.


2. Donate to the NGOs Catering to the Welfare of Children

If you cannot bring out any time to help the children, fear not! There are numerous NGOs working around in this field to bring out a positive change in the scenario. Just choose a good NGO, go through their history, and donate for their cause. Just remember, don’t go by all the ostentatious frills and decorated members-list while donating; go through the work-done and their aims before choosing upon an NGO.


1. Adopt a Child

Adopting a child is one of the best and effective ways to curb poverty as well as child abuse and child labor. However, having said that, we know that adopting another child isn’t always feasible for every family. So, here’s the solution—you can take the responsibility of any child in an NGO and donate an amount monthly which would cater to their educational needs. The sponsorship amount starts from Rs.650 bucks and goes higher according to your donation ability. Other than that, you can also take the educational responsibility of any child of your domestic help—come on, it’s time for some action and not lecture!



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