6 Ways To Accept People The Way They Are And Make Your Life A Living Heaven

Updated on 12 Aug, 2014 at 5:17 pm


Do you know what takes it to make a relationship work? Love might be one of the major ingredients for the recipe called relationship, but definitely it’s not themajor one! Compromise—nah! Yes, it’s the eagerness and willingness to accept people as they are that brings wonders to any relationship! We understand that no matter how easy it is to say it in pen and paper, in reality performing it is indeed a big deal. But, no need of worrying anymore for we’ve got for you an entire listicle on how you can do your bit to forget your own conservatism and accept people as they are—

6. Are you judgmental? Come on, it’s passé now!

One of the major mistakes we commit when in any kind of relationship (be it filial or love or friendly) is we are quite immediate of judging the opposite person by the way he/she looks, by the way they walk, talk, dance—etc. First of all, try and understand that understanding people is a complex task and your being an out and out judgmental person would only lead to angst and ruin! So, try and change this outlook of yours, and see how wonderful and easy life becomes!

Are you judgmental? Come on, it’s passé now!

5. Have a broad mentality


She’s a hipster, so she’s bad; she hangs out with guys, so she’s a slut; he parties hard, so he’s definitely not a dependable person—come on! If you think alike, please grow up! However a person is—whether she loves hanging out with guys or he’s in love with a person of the same sex or whatever the case may it, it definitely doesn’t certify that the person is bad or good! If you love talking with that person, if you smile with them, if you can share all your thoughts with them, then you should accept them as they are! Our physicality, our sexual preference or our outlook towards life might differ, but at the end of the day, those are just parts of who we are and not us altogether!

Have a broad mentality

4. Don’t demand compromise solely from the other person

Yes, we need to compromise a bit while in a relationship, but if we’re asking for compromise from our better halves solely, or from our friends, then that’s a flaw with us! Demanding compromise from your friends/families/better halves mean that you genuinely don’t trust them, and every kind of flaw is a part of them—and hence, don’t find any need to accept them as they are (which is but true)! Come on, try and work up to this; you never know, you might just be a single step away from experiencing a heavenly life!

Don’t demand compromise solely from the other person

3. Be positive, and look for positivity

One of the best tricks to accept people as they are, it to, for once, give your negative approach a miss and look for the positives in them! Be certain to find great many things to applaud about in the person!

Be positive, and look for positivity

2. Live and enjoy your today!

Life’s too short to contemplate on what’s gone and be apprehensive about what’s to come! So, life for today! If you’re too much into the past, then you’d always want to mould your near and dear ones according to the experiences you’ve faced in the past, so that you may have a better future. But, dear, life’s in today—and being unsatisfied with the people around you would only let you not enjoy your life, and make it a living heaven! Think about it!

Live and enjoy your today!

1. Accept yourself as you ARE!

As always, the most important criterion is saved for the last—if you always give in to criticism and are always finding out means to “improve” yourself on others’ expectation and cannot accept yourself as you are, then how on earth can you accept others with all their flaws and virtues? Come on, get one thing clear—no one’s perfect, and by trying to find perfectness in every single thing will only lead to massacre, aloofness and ruin! And, we’re sure; you don’t want your life to be such!



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