6 Utterly Idiotic Indian TV Ads

6:19 am 20 Nov, 2013


Advertisements sell lies and it is a fact even advertisers can’t deny. They show us people laughing and smiling and doing impossible things by using their products and tell us that we can do these things and be happy too if we only buy their product. Sadly many people fall prey to these advertisements and waste their money on things they don’t need. But some ads are especially idiotic and don’t make any sense. Here are 6 recent ads that came on Indian television and made no sense whatsoever.

6. Tata Nano It is Awesome:

Tata Nano’s latest advert is totally meaningless. It’s a bunch of young boys and girls, running around and dancing. There’s a bit of magic and that guy who no one knows who’s a magician. The song doesn’t even have explanatory lyrics. It just goes, “na na na na you’re awesome”. No one tells you why you are awesome and why Nano is awesome. They just go ahead and celebrate “awesomeness” of Nano. This ad is completely stupid and makes no sense and shows nothing about the car. Most other car ads are also stupid and there is trend going on of putting a song in the audio and showing the car run around but Nano doesn’t even show much of their car in this ad. It’s the result of a total lack of creativity.

5. Axe Blast Deodorant:

Axe were the first deodorant brand in India to tell us that if we used their products girls would come running from every corner. And they’ve stuck to that strategy even though countless people have made fun of the false promises shown by Axe. Their new adverts show Ranbir Kapoor counting glances that he receives from girls but when he sits in the car his driver has a much higher count on his counter. They never show it but apparently it’s because the driver uses Axe. Believe me when I say, no matter what deodorant you use, you’ll never get more looks from girls than Ranbir Kapoor.


4. Mountain Dew Dark Night Fear “Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai”:

Soft drink manufacturers aren’t far behind in the stupid ad department. Mountain Dew’s tagline, “Darr ke aage jeet hai” forces them to make some stupid ads. The latest is their glow in the night bottle ad where few guys repel down a fake mountain in a very bright “dark night”. Just before the narrator says that everyone is afraid, one cocky guy makes fun of another who’s feeling fear. Repelling in the night down a mountain is not brave but stupid. Drinking Mountain Dew won’t help you in it unless it makes you stupid. And the worst thing is that the bottle doesn’t even glow in real life. I went and bought the bottle thinking it will be cool to have in the room at night but it didn’t glow at all! Liars!

3. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo:

This recent ad is totally idiotic and stupid. They have actually tried to be over the top in idiocy and stupidity. For some reason they think that’s a good marketing strategy. And the product is idiotic in itself. Beer Shampoo? What the hell were they smoking when they came up with that product? It’s a classic case of using advertisements to sell products without the products having any special qualities. It’s regular shampoo but they needed to sell it so they made it look like a pint of beer and made an ad that will humor dimwitted young males; their primary market.

2. “Pakka Indian” of McDonald:

Unlike other ads on this list, McDonald’s has at least thought about their ad. They’ve tried to reach out to the Indian-ness of, well Indians, by bringing out our idiosyncrasies. It’s a good idea in principal as they want to make McDonlad’s feel like an Indian brand but in execution I found some of their ads to be offending. Especially the one in which the guy asks another guy about how much he got his burger for. Yes, we are a little stingy with out money but that ad makes us feel like total losers. Any sensible Indian will see that ad as an insult to all Indians but then sensible Indians won’t go to McDonald’s in the first place.

1. Lakme 9to5:

Fashion brands and beauty care products have ads that are simple parading of beautiful models or paid-for actresses in highly edited shots. But sometimes they come out with a concept such as Lakme’s 9to5. A girl gets up and puts on Lakme’s 9to5 makeup and goes to work. At 5 all other girl’s receive an alarm to touch up their make up but she doesn’t need to. The idea is that their product will last longer. But what I don’t understand is, that if it’s supposed to last longer than 5pm then why is it called 9to5? Shouldn’t it be called 9to9 or something? It’s called 9to5 and that, to me, seems like something that will last from 9 to 5. But I guess the kind of girls that will use the product won’t be able to catch this irony anyways so all it good.


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