6 Typical Indian Habits That Annoy Coworkers Abroad

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 2:44 pm


Every workplace has individuals with different intellects, taste and habits working under the same roof. But when it’s about Indians working abroad, there is a profusion of typical habits they annoy coworkers with. Pointing with index finger, leaving desks cluttered and talking loudly over the phone are just a few to mention!

Here are 6 typical Indian habits that our coworkers aboard find annoying:

6. Treat Every Coworker as a best Friend

Indians who spend more time in office than home often fail to classify their private and work life. One of the common side effects is a tendency of taking all the coworkers for best friends! This often leads to a sense of offense or inferiority complex when the other person is reluctant to share what he/she does during weekends. Similarly, it doesn’t make sense to ask just any male coworker about the woman he’s dating!


Well, we Indians need to remember that we have good friends outside office and they’re closer to us than colleagues at work!

Treat Every Coworker as a best Friend

5. Ask Bluntly about Salary

Although it’s true that Indians hardly mind someone asking them what their salary is, it’s not the same with people abroad, especially in the US. They find it equally awkward when a colleague repeatedly wants to know if they got a performance bonus. A rude reaction after such silly questions, again, leads to disappointment.

Obviously, if you want to make your office-time friendship with your coworkers a reason for positive response, you’re at fault!

Ask Bluntly about Salary

4. Flatter the Superiors

When working abroad, Indians don’t want to forget that back in the previous office (in India), everyone used to flatter the superiors in order to get promoted fast!

In most foreign countries, although finding credulous people is easy, it would be a big mistake to try to take every person for granted. You can’t expect to become a manager in a short time period of just one year or two, especially when you know you still have to prove yourself!

The worse, Indians can’t help trusting too much in the power of talking a good game every so often, despite that they know the right way is to do their homework, have an excellent grasp of the technology around, and focus more on performing well at work!

Flatter the Superiors

3. Use Company Resources for Personal Work

One of the worst habits Indians develop while working within their country is to use the resources at work to meet personal purposes. No matter how hard they try to resist, they can’t help using the office printer to get a resume or other private documents printed. It’s like misusing company resources for your personal benefits and encouraging others to do the same.

Although employees in other countries also tend to exploit corporate resources, it is true that Indians don’t hesitate to cross the limit!

Use Company Resources for Personal Work

2. Point Others with All the Confidence

All Indians are habitual of pointing things and people with their index finger. This habit often becomes a big problem for Indians working abroad, causing huge embarrassment at times!

In many countries including the Philippines and Colombia, pointing others with index finger is considered rude. Instead, when they have to genuinely point to something or someone, they always use the better option of using their lips. In many countries, they make a kissy-face to point in the direction of the person or thing that needs attention during the conversation. However, it does not have to be a lengthy gesture, but a brisk pucker-up for fractions of a second!

Point Others with All the Confidence

1. Go Around Gossiping for Hours

In India, workplace is where people find it more comfortable to socialize with colleagues than with family and friends when at home. Contrary to that, employees in most other countries hardly leave their desks in office hours. Since there is too much work and everybody is busy doing something, you can’t hang out in groups for hours.

Another reason for no employees meandering around and less gossiping time abroad is more labor costs compared to India. This is the reason companies want their employees to perform better every day. Where Indians spend too much time surfing the web, employees in other countries, especially in the US, know how to limit it.


Go Around Gossiping for Hours

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