6 Tips To Be As Smart As Dr. House

11:23 am 24 Dec, 2013


Dr. Gregory House of the TV series House MD, played by brilliant British actor Hugh Laurie, is one of the coolest characters to have ever appeared on TV. He’s a total jerk and everyone hates him but for the audience it’s hard not to love him.

6 Tips To Be As Smart As Dr. House

He’s a classic bad good boy character that you just hate to love. No wonder many people wonder how they could be more like Dr. House. He’s just so cool and smart. But as we’ve seen in the series, behind that cool exterior is a miserable and lonely old man grown bitter over the years. Now I don’t know if anyone would want that so here’s a warning: being as cool as Dr. House can lead to loneliness and misery. But despite that if you still insist on being more like him then read on.


Here are 6 tips that will help you be more like Dr. House.

6. Increase Your Knowledge Tremendously

The base of Dr. House’s cool character is his knowledge and intelligence. He’s tremendously intelligent and knows all the diseases there are in modern science. This knowledge helps him to be right all the time which allows him to be as rude as he wants to be.

6 Tips To Be As Smart As Dr. House

Not only does he have knowledge about his profession but he also likes to know everything about everyone.

He proves the saying that knowledge is power and whenever he senses that someone has a secret he just has to find out.

It helps him manipulate people later to his own wishes. So if you want to be like House then increase your knowledge in every way possible. Know everything there is to know about your profession and your friends and colleagues.

5. Buy Some Cool Accessories

An easy way to start being more like House is to buy some really cool stuff. Get a sports bike and a biker jacket and some cool accessory like his cane. You don’t need to go for a cane but get something that will make you look distinct in a crowd.

6 Tips To Be As Smart As Dr. House

Whoever meets House once, never forgets him and a lot of it has got to do with his distinct looks and his cane. The rest of course is due to his strange behavior which we’ll take about later.

4. Become an Awesome Guitar Player but don’t Care Too Much About It

House has some really great guitar chops and he even plays the piano. That is really cool but what is even cooler is that he doesn’t really care about this talent of his.

6 Tips To Be As Smart As Dr. House

He shows off from time to time but in a nonchalant way.

Do the same if you can but know that it will take a lot of practice to get that good. Acting careless will come easy after that.

3. Be Proudly Egoistic

House is a very egoistic and selfish man. He only cares about himself and he’s not ashamed of it.

6 Tips To Be As Smart As Dr. House

He doesn’t believe in the selflessness preached by religions and believes that everyone is selfish deep down.

There might be a lot more truth to this than you think.

Start by not trying to hide your selfish thoughts and be proud of it.

2. Be Rude and Sarcastic as Often as Possible

The most distinctive trait of House is his rudeness and sarcasm. He never behaves politely with anyone. If he has to say something he’ll either be rude or sarcastic about it. He also likes to be deliberately annoying. If you want to be more like him you should try this as well. But be careful as you might get punched a few times.

6 Tips To Be As Smart As Dr. House

House gets away, most of the time, because of his cane.

6 Tips To Be As Smart As Dr. House

If you don’t have a disability, maybe you’d want to pipe down on the rudeness a bit.

1. Always Be Right; Even When You Are Wrong

The most important thing is to be always right. House is almost always right. Even when he’s wrong he won’t admit his mistakes quietly. He’ll be sarcastic about it and point out someone else’s mistakes to hide his own. But that’s only rarely and mostly House is always right.

6 Tips To Be As Smart As Dr. House


If you want to be like Dr. House – learn to always be right and learn it well!

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