6 Tips To Maintain Sanity Wherever You Go

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9:34 am 10 Dec, 2013


Sanity is a state of mind, where you feel peaceful, and stress free. You are motivated and look forward to facing life. You can reason between right and wrong and take the right decisions. By doing a little introspection and sharing with others, we can maintain a sound state of mind. But as easy as it may sounds and no matter how much we decide to remain sane, insanity can creep in at the most unwanted times. What should be done at such times? Take note of the following 7 tips that help to maintain sanity wherever you go.

7. Sleep:

Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is essential for all adults. Include sleep times when planning a holiday or travelling somewhere. Plan your day in such a way that you have enough time left to take a nap. Preferably, sleep early and have a fresh start. Try and listen to your favorite music if it relaxes you, or pick up a good book.

Sleep - Tips To Maintain Sanity Wherever You Go

6. Make a schedule:

Try and stick to a time table or a schedule to be more organized. You will be much more sane, if at the end of the day you can measure your achievements for the day. Try and get dressed, don’t bathe in the afternoon or eat at noon. Taking a break is as essential, so plan time outs. Know how much you can push yourself and stop when you are done. Set realistic targets and don’t despair if you can’t match them.

Make a schedule - Tips To Maintain Sanity Wherever You Go

5. Keep good company and enjoy good food:

Remember to have plenty of water to keep your body well hydrated. Avoid going out regularly and plan family evenings that will bring all closer. Having your loved ones close always relaxes our mind and spreads positive energy. Love your food and when indulging in something on an occasion really enjoy it and eat without guilt. You can always have an extra bowl of veggies tomorrow. Try and maintain a healthy life style, and have healthy food habits. Disease and depression go hand in hand.

Keep good company and enjoy good food - Tips To Maintain Sanity Wherever You Go

4. Learn to roll with stress:

For every crisis there is a healthy and a not so healthy way to react. Learn to roll with stress and save your mental health. During the course of the day, an average human faces at least two dozen mini crises. Try and stay calm, easier said than done. But over reacting or going into a drama mode, will only end up in hurting people. You are not alone in the soup, have some empathy towards fellow humans. Stay away from volatile situations. Unresolved issue at the end of the day, will spoil your sleep, and ruin your sanity.

Learn to roll with stress - Tips To Maintain Sanity Wherever You Go

3. Personal space:

We all learn from our mistakes, it’s natural to fall and then get up again. Try and devise systems that work for you. In the daily routine of things, do not forget yourself and your identity. Make a slot for ‘me time on a daily basis. Try and sleep early and wake up before everybody else. Spend the early morning with yourself in peace. Or else plan an afternoon nap when you get time to do things on your won. Try and cultivate your hobbies and plan activities that interest you. Don’t put it on the back burner. Make an effort and do things you like. Try and have a close group of friends whom you can trust and are there for you always. Loneliness can ruin can anybody’s sanity.

Personal space - Tips To Maintain Sanity Wherever You Go

2. Take a break:

Ask for help and don’t wait till the end for it. Or join a group of people of similar backgrounds and vent out your stress. Talking about a problem always help. Plan a day off or an evening out to give yourself a break from the monotony and do not see taking a break as a bad thing. When you are at your best, can everybody around you, benefit from it. If you believe in it, then trust God to keep you sane and well. Ask Him for strength and patience and believe in yourself. There are lots of groups available who specializing in listening and finding a solution for you.

Take a break - Tips To Maintain Sanity Wherever You Go

1. Stay away from grumpy people:


Remember moods are contagious, so try and spread a good one. Negativity spreads bad energy, so stay away from a grumpy person. Try and look for humor, life is not an ordeal. Even a funny wall paper can cheer you up. Look at the positive side of a picture and try and be inspired by it.

Stay away from grumpy people - Tips To Maintain Sanity Wherever You Go

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