6 Time Pass Activities You Can Enjoy While Waiting For A Train

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Updated on 28 Jul, 2014 at 6:56 pm


I love travelling by train; particularly because one has the leisure to relish what has been missed, as a result of our busy lives. Equally entertaining is waiting for a train, the anxiety of missing a train always runs through my mind. But having indulged in the following pass time activities has not only shed my anticipation but has become a major source of entertainment. I bet you will also find it adventurous and during your next journey, you would at least attempt a few.

6. Observe Passengers

The fun part of travelling is meeting diverse set of people with different temperament. Look around, you sure will find some unique passenger who will amuse you with his/her antics.


5. Chai


I love having the ‘kullhad wali chai’ of the railway station. Especially when there is a long wait for the train to arrive; a sip of tea with biscuit will not only rejuvenate you but also make you fall in love with the flavorful chai.


4. Carry your laptop

I am thankful to the person who invented laptop and more thankful with the invention of tablet; it makes time pass so quickly. You can upload some good movies and games that can be a source of full-on entertainment when the wait becomes unbearable.


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3. Disco Deewane…..aaha!

All music fanatics can make use of this free time and listen to their favorite number. It will make time fly and you can feel relaxed for the long journey that lies ahead.


2. Grab a Magazine

Get hold of an interesting magazine or the daily newspaper. Reading is one of the best pastimes ever. But don’t get so occupied in reading that you end up losing guard of your luggage.


1. Playtime

You can get hold of a book full of crossword puzzles or Sudoku; these mind boggling games will keep you engrossed. If travelling in a group or with family, the fun doubles up especially if you are playing Ludo or any other board game.



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