6 Things Most People Do Not Know about Divya Bharti’s Death

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Bollywood witnessed a dramatic transformation during the 90’s. It started with a promising beginning of another decade with a gush of surprises and talents emerging within the industry. One such gifted talent was Divya Bharti.

Who can ever forget this mesmerizing beauty dancing to the tunes of “Saat Samundar?”

Divya Bharti belonged to the league of the few actors who set off their career at a very tender age. She first appeared on screen in the year 1990, at the age of 16 when she was casted in a Telegu movie, ‘Bobbili Raja’.


She is remembered for her invincible performances in commercially successful motion pictures like Shola aur Shabnam, Vishawtma, Dil Aashna hai and Deewana. Her soaring and glorious career however faced an abrupt end owing to her mysterious death at the age of 19.


Here’s telling you things you might know about Divya Bharti perpelxing death:


6. Divya Bharti’s Death: Suicide or Murder?

It was the fateful night of April 5, 1993, when she took her last breath. Reportedly, she fell to her death from a five storied building named Tulsi Apartment in Versova Mumbai. Speculations following her sudden demise floated all around – many conclude the possibility of her committing suicide. Other thought it was conspiracy, accidental death or even a gruesome murder. The Mumbai police however failed to gather enough evidences behind the main cause of her death and eventually closed further investigations in the year 1998.

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5. Conspiracy Theories Behind Divya’s Death

The sudden demise of the super star left hundreds of hearts grief stricken. While many people were in a shock of disbelief, many others came out with different conspiracy theories behind the death of their beloved actress. One such theory that evolved after the actress’s death accused Sajid Nadiadwala, her husband to be the main culprit involved in plotting her murder. While according to another theory, it was the involvement of Sajid with the underworld and Divya’s turmoil relationship with her mother that completely devastated the actress, which led her to commit suicide. But the main cause of her death till date remains a mystery.

Conspiracy Theories Behind Divya Bharti


4. The Unfortunate Night

Date: April 5, 1993, Place: 5th floor, Tulsi Apartments, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai and Time: 11.00 pm

On the day of her death, Divya had finalized a new apartment deal for herself. Considering the fact that it was pretty hard to own a good flat in a place like Mumbai, the actress was exceptionally happy and kept describing her newly purchased 4 BHK apartment to Kunal, her brother. However, he soon left the apartment.

She had returned from Chennai after finishing with her movie shoot and was supposed to fly off to Hyderabad that very day for another project. But as she had to finalize her new apartment deal and she postponed her Hyderabad visit by one day. She was roaming with a bandaged foot that day and also informed her producers about her injury.

Soon she was supposed to meet her friend and dress designer Neeta Lulla and her husband at her Versova flat. The Versova flat where she was staying was somehow not registered on her name.

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3. Moments before Divya’s Death

Neeta along with her husband arrived around 10pm at Divya’s place. All three of them sat in the living room, chatting and consuming alcohol. Her maid was also present in the same room with them. She was actually having a continuous conversation with Diyva all that while. It was when Amrita went back to the kitchen that she moved towards the window while still talking to her maid, loudly.

Neeta along with her husband was engrossed in watching a video on television and as such was not participating in the conversation.

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2. Divya Bharti’s Final Moments

Divya’s living room did not have any balcony but had an open window. Unlike other windows in the building, this was the only window that was deprived of grills. There was a parking lot beneath the window, but that unfortunate day there was not even a single car parked there.

She climbed over the window and rested on a narrow ledge that was located below the open window. She had her back facing the living room. It was in an attempt when she tried to turn around to get on a proper hold of the window frame that she slipped off the ledge and fell straight onto the concrete below.

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1. Divya’s Last Breath

Right after the fall, Divya was found drowned in a pool of her own blood. Though she was still alive on her way to the hospital, her pulse rate had dropped rapidly. She finally took her last breath in the emergency department of Cooper Hospital in Mumbai.

Though the superstar is no more with us today, but we still memorize and commemorate her for her short but remarkable career!


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