6 Things You Must Know Before Using Twitter

4:00 am 29 Jun, 2014


TWITTER, beloved of celebs, sports stars, politicians and news media alike, is a hard nut to crack. You’ve most probably heard the entire ruckus about Twitter, but never really understood what it’s actually all about. So, this article is especially dedicated to everyone who watches television everyday and can’t help but notice all captions prefixed by ‘#’ and are not able to figure out what are they doing there!

In order to make the most of your Twitter experience, let’ stake a look at 6 things you must know before using Twitter:

6. How Should You Reply – @

Whenever you wish to reply to someone make sure you precede the person’s name with ‘@’ symbol every time. This unique feature by Twitter helps you to redirect your message directly to the person you’re having a conversation with. In addition, you can also look out for a reply icon direct on the interface which prefixes the ‘@’ symbol automatically.


A reply button is available for every tweet, which makes the replying process much simple even for the newbies.

How Should You Reply - @

5. Sending a Direct Message – Direct Message [DM]

Another very common term you can frequently see in people’s tweets is DM, which stands for direct Message. DM is designed to be your Twitter inbox. Only a Twitter account holder can have access to his DM’s and no one else. Unlike regular tweets and replies, Direct Messages are completely private.

You can make use of this feature in case you wish to send a personal message to someone and you do not wish anybody else to read it.

Sending a Direct Message – Direct Message [DM]

4. Sharing Someone Else’s Wisdom – Re-Tweet [RT]

One of Twitter’s most interesting feature, re-tweeting can actually make or break your Twitter experience. So, you like a post tweeted by someone and you feel your followers would find it interesting too. You can simply hit the re-tweet button and share the post for your followers to read. Now, here’s the interesting point. Suppose the person who originally tweeted the post has about 30 followers and you on the other hand have 300 followers, so, by re-tweeting his post you provide the person an exposure to 300 different people. This gives him an opportunity to increase his followers who find his tweets interesting.

However, the concept of re-tweeting is much more than forwarding a tweet. It’s about sharing someone’s wisdom, who in turn can share yours.

Sharing Someone Else’s Wisdom – Re-Tweet [RT]

3. Categorize Your Tweets – Hashtags [#]

Enhance your Twitter experience with Hashtags. It’s a fairly simple application with enormous usage. Hashtags helps to categorize your tweets which prove to be useful for effective searching in future.

For instance, you wish to tweet about iPhone, so all you are required to do is to put ‘#’ infornt of iPhone (#iPhone) and post your tweet. So anyone who later searches for Hashtags for #iPhone term will come across your tweet – it’s that simple.

Categorize Your Tweets – Hashtags [#]

2. Sharing Your Pictures – Twitpic

You can also share your pictures with your followers with Twitpic. But remember while sharing your pictures through Twitpic, make sure you uncheck the boxes that automatically tweets it for you (a rather annoying feature), then copy the URL and write a brief description about the picture and finally paste the URL.

There you go – you’ve successfully shared your picture with your followers.

Sharing Your Pictures – Twitpic

1. Big URL A Problem – Try URL Shorteners

As Twitter limits your tweets to 140 characters, this might restrict the effectiveness of your tweets many a times. This specially poses a major problem when you wish to share a 70 character link with your followers.

By the way, you should be aware of the fact that Twitter is not just meant for sharing random thoughts; in fact you should share as many links on twitter as possible. Your followers want to read out something interesting like some trending post or article, and don’t just want to know your opinions all the times.

Getting back to URL Shorteners – there are numerous sites available on the internet that offer this service. By making effective use of URL shorteners you can not only enjoy the freedom of sharing long links with your followers, but also get space to jot down your thoughts.


Big URL A Problem – Try URL Shorteners

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