6 Things A Happy Couple Love To Hate

Updated on 29 Aug, 2018 at 2:50 pm


A happy association between loving couples is all about knowing the likes and dislikes of the other and enabling the other to enjoy their own space. Those who do this lead a happy life; others find it difficult to hold on to each other in the long run. However, it’s not all about loving everything that surrounds you when you are madly in love with your partner. There are certain things that can bother any happy couple and turn them unhappy. Handling these is important, if real pleasure of a happy unison has to be experienced.

6. Long Office Hours

This is the last thing a blissful couple wants to face. Getting up early and rushing to office is what every loving couple loves to abhor. More so when both have spent the whole night cuddled together, dreaming of staying that way forever. All the tickling love that your partner has bestowed on you drains away under a quick shower, while you are preparing to fight the city’s traffic. And, your boss’s reprimands can make all the fiery escapades of last night fade into oblivion.

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5. Breach in Privacy

Privacy is a valued jewel and more so if you are a couple finding moments in private to explore each other. It’s not that seclusion injects more love, but a sense of belonging, which could be lost very easily in the hustle and bustle of life. Not even the closest of your buddies are allowed in the lovely cocoon that a couple loves to build around them. In fact, you need to spend time in quiet along with your partner, if for you love is about discovering the inner self of your beloved. Even the Guy Up There won’t interfere in the private moments of the couple.


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4. Sad Movies

Sad movies are known to spoil moods. So, sad movies should be last thing on the table when you are looking to make the most out of your love life. Happy couples hate flicks involving sad/frustrating/melancholic ends and, therefore, if you are planning to present a newlywed couple a DVD of ‘Hachiko – A Dog Story’, in two words: be careful. When things backfire, they backfire badly. When you have a lot of happy choices, it would be totally insane to indulge in films that proffer to its audience the harder times of life.

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3. Confrontations

Confrontations and angry moments can sometimes find a long stay in the life of a loving couple. Rage takes longer to grow fainter and hence, a loving couple will always try to maintain distance from experimenting with this shade of life. Friction is possible when life is on a rough patch and hence, such reactions should be avoided.

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2. Inadequate Funds for Travel

If romance had to come up with another synonym, travel wouldn’t do badly. Not only because travel is often allied with picturesque scenes that provide the precise rub of green to a disillusioned love life, but travel boosts up a certain magic that is central for a vivacious love life. Envision a couple forced to spend their daily evening right on the porch next to their bedroom. Nothing can be a bigger turn off than inadequate funds at your disposal.

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1. Night Shifts

No one loves to spend nights working at an office, especially early in your marriage or relationship. Nights become really long and boring when spent away from your dear one. But just as love strengthens your soul, work enables you to live a decent life. Don’t kick your job, as love can only survive if you have the money to go out and have fun with your beloved. Night shifts can be hard for a young couple, but love flourishes when you manage to be together despite that.


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