6 Things Editors Are Sick Of Hearing

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4:00 pm 19 Apr, 2014


A writer’s job is challenging but equally challenging is the job of an editor who not only has to beautify the content but also has to make sure that the article is written within the boundaries set. So, who said that their job is just to read what a writer writes and give it a go ahead, they have to keep themselves informed so that anything you write without getting your facts right, is corrected. However, we writers don’t fall short in giving the editor a tough time.

Our relentless questions give them a headache and how they wish they could be saved from this trauma:

6. When is the article getting published?

On finally meeting the deadline of submitting their article, the writer impatiently awaits for when it will get published. And there starts a series of never-ending questions of when will it get published, how much more time will it take to finalize the article and blah blah. Though might not be a scene with some of the writers who are patient enough to give time, some are not that generous and that leaves the editor with no option but to be annoyed.


 deadline of submitting their article

5. My article is published, when is payment expected

Heh! Who doesn’t desperately wait for the ‘amount is credited in your account’ message? Even if it is an hour delayed, you start getting those anxiety attacks and your mind starts switching between, ‘what if they will not pay me?’ and ‘It’s just an hour’s delay’. Then who can stop you from making those conscious yet sub-conscious calls to solve the mystery. The editor on the other hand is mind boggled with thoughts of “First they don’t deliver on time and now they can’t even tolerate an hour’s delay”.

payment needed

4. No one helps me with house chores

I wonder if people write for passion or just because it is a work for them. Some take this task seriously and others especially women who have gone on a sabbatical because of maternity or are stay at home mom, may make you speechless with this response. So though on one instant you are happy to have writers on board, on the other you realize that most of them are busy with their daily chores (sad)

engaged in house chores

3. I dind’t get time from my fulltime job

With writing having been picked up by many as a freelance task, it gets all the more cumbersome sometimes to get the work done within the timelines set. With them juggling between a full time role and the freelance work it is obviously difficult to devote time to the one that is part time work for them. So unfortunately, the editor has to lend his ears to this unavoidable lame excuse.

No time because i work full time

2. My mind is totally blank

Now how will one react to this? Writing makes one use all their energy to invent a piece which is unique and sensible. If you are not in your senses, no task can be performed to its expectation. But with writing, you just can’t divulge into reasons like this, as when a deliverable is expected you are bound to deliver. Alas, this excuse may make the editor pull his hair and wonder if having attempted writing himself could have saved all the time.

No idea why my mind is blank today

1. I don’t like criticism

What? Which work is not entitled to a little bit of criticism. And I think it is criticism that can refine your work further. But who can stop people from believing it is more of a personal attack. Sadly, the editor has to face the brunt and wonder if he is there to empathize or strictly work towards the targets set.


i don't like criticism

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