6 Things To Dislike About Kolkata

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3:00 am 14 Apr, 2014


Kolkata, the culturally rich city of our country is famous for innumerable things such as, delicious food, grand festivities, soulful music, craze for football and what not. However like any other city there are certain reasons because of which it is detested, which might not appear to pose as a problem for its inhabitants. With no offense to Kolkatans, we bring a list of things one might dislike in Kolkata. I would also like to mention that the one thing I completely adore about Kolkata is their love for a sport other than cricket.

6. Weather                                               

The hot and humid weather of Kolkata make it a little intolerable. Between summer and winter you hardly get the relief of enjoying a pleasant weather. The relief of monsoons in Kolkata comes along with water logging which disrupts rail and road transportation.


5. Slow Pace


Pace at which life moves in Kolkata is slower in comparison to the other metros. However, whether it is likeable or not will vary from person to person. Some might find it a reason worth loving and some might find it intolerable.


4. Argumentative

It is not bad to carry an opinion, but sometimes your participation might appear a little irrelevant to many. It is said that if two people are arguing about something, and a third person walk in and starts arguing about who’s right, then you are in Kolkata.


3. Discussion Mongers

You can easily see them entering into a prolonged discussions about national and international issues, relevant or irrelevant in their daily lives.


2. Bandh

Kolkatans desperately wait for the declaration of city shutdown which commonly happens for some or the other reason. The political party finds no other way out to meet their demands other than bandh. Apart from everything, Road blocks and processions double the trouble by making the traffic unmanageable.


1. Laidback

Compared to the other metros, professionalism sees a slack in Kolkata. With the majority of people in the service sector, the gung-ho attitude lacks in most not all.



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