6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Classic Love Story Of Amitabh And Rekha

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6:00 am 16 Mar, 2014


The legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan’s much talked about romance with his co-star Rekha was a hot discussion topic in the 70s. The rising star at that time had too much at stake, his marriage and his career. How did it begin and what eventually happened? Let’s put the pieces together and know more of this untold love saga:

6. Do Anjane

It is said that love between Amitabh and Rekha blossomed during the filming of Do Anjane (1976). Not only did it transform Rekha’s image to a sultry siren but also started the much publicized liaison in years to come. Post this movie, there chemistry was liked so much that many more films were offered to this couple namely Suhaag, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Ram Balram etc.

Do Anjane

5. Public Attention


It is said that the couple used to secretly meet at a friend’s bungalow. Their affair got public limelight when Amitabh Bachchan lost his cool on his fellow actor who was said to be misbehaving with Rekha. This incident gave gossip mongers a lot to talk about.

Public Attention

4. Speculation

Their rumoured affair got more publicity when Rekha attended Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh’s wedding wearing sindoor and mangalsutra. Rekha’s bold step raised many eyebrows and left every one puzzled. It was also rumoured that they had secretly got married.


3. Turning away

Though such rumors made news around, there was no formal acceptance from Big B. Rekha however, did happen to publically accept her admiration and love for Amitabh, but nothing came from Amitabh any day.

Turning away

2. The Distance

Post shooting of the movie Silsila, which coincidentally mirrored the real life drama, the couple drifted apart. It is said; Rekha didn’t want to move forward with the tag of ‘The other woman’ and was looking for commitment. Big B on the other hand had a family and a reputation to maintain. This was the end to a love story not known to many but rumored to have existed.

The Distance

1. Cold- Shoulder

It’s been years since this highly publicized love saga saw its doom, still we witness the then couple, avoiding acknowledging the presence of each other during their public appearances. Such is the dilemma of falling in love and breakup; leaves a scar which though heals with time, leaves a mark which can never be removed.


Cold- Shoulder