6 Surprising Benefits Of Listening Classical Music

3:00 am 6 Jun, 2014


Music has been the part and parcel of every known culture on the earth. Though not essential like breathing or eating, it is somehow become one of the most basic actions of people around the world. The evidence is seen in the form of flutes carved out of bones of prehistoric period. How does music affect us?

Many of you would know that there is unhealthy junk food and there is healthy food. It may come as a surprise to you when you realize that the same applies to the music. There is junk and unhealthy music and there is healthy music. The catch with music like in food is that something good for you may need not be enjoyable as well.

The younger generations have heard about Mozart, Beethoven or Bach, but have not heard their music. The top downloaded music today includes only music like hot pop, rock or rap with occasional preference for country music. Unfortunately, not many are aware of the benefits of listening classical music.

6. Booster to your exercise


Typically we would assume that fast beats are the best accompaniments for our workouts. It would come as a surprise to many to know that classical music helps during workouts more than any other form of music. There is scientific evidence backing the fact that classical music helps you during your workout, though we rarely find any gym playing them. It keeps your heart rate and blood pressure down and also takes off your mind from exertion and pain you may experience during exercising. Energetic but not overly-fast classical music can be your ideal partner for working out.

Booster to your exercise

5. Relaxation during Pregnancy and Childbirth

More and more women are opting for pre-natal music to enhance the development of their baby during pregnancy. Pregnant women who listen to classical music help their babies to learn to discern between sounds, which will help in the auditory memory of the developing baby. This is essential in language skills. Choosing a good classical tract that deeply touches your heart for the prenatal music would help during labor. Classical played in the background tends to keep the mom, baby and dad relaxed during the chaotic labor and childbirth period, more so if it is the same track chosen for prenatal theme.

Relaxation during Pregnancy and Childbirth

4. Improve your memory

The part of the brain that processes memory is situated right beside the part that processes music. The music you listen to will have a definite effect on your memory. The experiment known as Mozart effect proved that classical music does improve memorizing skills but the effects were temporary, but then the students were not listening to music long term either. It is believed the music with 60 beats per minutes like that of Mozart or Baroque music can activate the left as well as right brain at the same time. This simultaneous activation of both sides of the brain helps in retention and learning skills of the listener.

Improve your memory

3. A good brain tonic

Classical music is not just any type of ordinary music as it is structured all together in a different way from typical songs or beats we hear. It is more complex for our brain to process. When we listen to classical music the pathways of our brains that process spatial reasoning are stimulated. This is an intricate function of our brain which is known as spatial-temporal reasoning – an ability we have to envision time and space in our mind and also create and move images in them. This ability helps us humans learn abstract science, plan and think ahead of time.

A good brain tonic

2. Stress buster

It is not just the music lovers but also those in medical profession who are recommending classical and soothing music to combat prevalent stress in modern world. The classical masterpieces created by Mozart, Beethoven or Bach are known to bring down blood pressure and work as good stress busters. For inpatients in the hospitals, classical music can help deal with anxiety regarding their health and also help them tolerate their pain. Music therapy is the safe and cheapest way to deal with stress and anxiety.

Stress buster

1. Calm down the human race

Now that sounds shocking. Can the human race be really calmed down? Studies have shown that classical music can actually work as a crime deterrent. Many cities with high crime rate including London have used this method and seen success to some extent. It is not yet found out how classical music helps in bringing down crime rate though there is speculation that it has a soothing effect on those thinking about crime or it may create an aura of civility and order thus putting off those thinking about crime. What better way to safety could you have than playing classical music?


Calm down the human race

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