6 Superhit Hindi Movies Written By Imtiaz Ali

10:00 am 9 Mar, 2014


At a time when most script writers and film directors were aiming at being different by creating “intellectual” films and striving for international accolades, Imtiaz Ali came like a gush of fresh air, and penned scripts that were, interestingly, much more life-like sans any “intellectual” air to them. Imtiaz Ali, much like Hrishikesh Mukherjee, penned scripts that were about common people, the lifestyle of Gen-X and the intricacies involved therein. Let’s have a look at some of the scripts penned by him, which turned out to be blockbusters—

6. Socha Na Tha

It was Imtiaz’s directorial debut as well as his debut as a script writer that won him much awaited and anticipated critical accolades! It is a story of a simple girl and guy forced into a loveless arranged marriage which they manage to evade; however, unlike other similar stories, here they manage to fall in love with each other once their marriage is broken and they’re engaged to other persons. This resulted in a series of actions, sometimes funny and sometimes very funny, that give the story a fresh lease of air to the audiences stuck between series of “high” intellectual films of Bollywood!

Socha Na Tha

5. Rockstar


Much unlike the other stories penned by Imtiaz Ali, this film portrayed the character of a rock singer, Janardhan Jakhar, how he climbed up the social scale through his singing capability, his roaring success and his imminent fall. However, Imtiaz’s portrayal of the different intriguing aspect of Janardhan’s personality through his journey from being a happy-go-lucky no-one to a failed but passionate lover to, finally, a hurt and outraged rock star, Jordan, is indeed mesmerizing and, to some extent, spine-chilling. Kudos goes to Ali for being able to spin out poetry even in adverse conditions.

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4. Cocktail

Although this film hasn’t seen Imtiaz donning the garb of a director, but through its script (penned by Ali) and narration, you do get a peculiar Imtiaz Ali feel that is enough to replenish your senses and hence, serves the basic reason of watching a film! The film’s a regular love triangle but its setting, the way of dealing with individual modern persons along with its fun moments take it miles ahead from its Bollywood precursors! And, the quaint Imtiaz Ali touch to the whole film sometimes makes us ponder whether it’s Imtiaz who’s ghost-directed the entire film!


3. Love Aaj Kal

As the name suggests, Love Aaj Kal is a modern take on the relationship between two soul mates. A little like Socha Na Tha, this film also traces the journey of two people madly in love with each other but this realization comes only a bit too late, after she’s in a wedlock with someone else. However, unlike other Bollywood films (read: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam), the girl doesn’t turn stereotypical and falls in love with her husband, but goes ahead to surrender the wedlock to be with her man—and, herein lies the movie’s freshness and USP.

Love Aaj Kal

2. Highway

The newest film by Imtiaz Ali, Highway is a love story too, but of a high society girl and her criminal abductor. The journey with the abductor also traces the journey of Veera from being a “nice” and sophisticated girl to being a self-determined and independent woman which is brilliantly exemplified in the later part of the film. Besides, the typical Imtiaz Ali freshness and aura is enough for you to stay glued for over two hours! All these with the whirling trip down the lanes of Punjab and Rajasthan up through the alleys and winding roads of Kashmir is indeed a treat to the eyes and senses!


1. Jab We Met

The turning point of not only Ali but the typical mushy love stories of Bollywood come with Jab We Met — again a fresh love story woven with the typical Imtiaz Ali spell! The film is about two people who meet accidentally at a train and what follows thereafter is a magical amalgamation of laughter, crisis and of course, dire adventure! A must watch film, if you’re yet to see this wonder!


 Jab We Met

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