6 Smart Ways To Raise Fund For Your NGO

Updated on 7 Jul, 2016 at 7:08 pm


NGOs will need funds for their projects and programs to be successful. Often raising fund is going to be an uphill task for the NGO, as there is high competition with new NGOs cropping up every now and then. People love their money and there is no way that they are going to donate to an organization without some resistance. Successful NGOs have a fundraising strategy through which they train their members to raise funds in a strategic manner by effectively overcoming the hurdles in their path. Below is the list of 6 smart ways to raise fund for your NGO.

6. Donation Boxes:

Install donation boxes in places where people will have time to look at them and know what cause they serve. Drop boxes can be installed for people who would like to donate through material things rather than cash. Though the money donated by every individual could be a small amount, it goes a long way in adding to the treasury finally.

Donation Boxes

5. Organize a fund raising event:

Organizing fundraising events where you invite guests and request donations for your organization is not easy as it looks. For the event to be successful you will have to check out the demographics of the target group and know how passionate they feel about your cause. You should be able to appeal to them in a convincing manner. Keep in mind the location, cost of organizing the event and duration of the event during the planning process. Check out whether there are going to be any legal issues regarding the event. Gather information regarding past successful events so that you can learn from them.

Organize a fund raising event

4. Motivate Volunteers:

No NGO can be successful without enthusiastic volunteers working for it. Volunteers are considered to the lifeblood of NGOs as they are the people who work passionately for the cause. Volunteers can save the salary the organization has to pay to an employee, thus contributing to the funds indirectly. They can work for raising funds in their own circles where they are trusted to directly contribute to the NGO as well. Recognize the efforts of the volunteers and appreciate them time to time to keep them motivated. Share your success with them; moreover make sure they understand how much their contribution has meant for the success.

Cricket Team Holding Hands

3. Get under the spotlight:


To donate for a cause, people need to know about the cause in the first place. Spread the word about your organization and let them know about your goals. Do not hesitate to participate in competitions and nominate your NGO for an award, because that will give you the much needed publicity. An award winning NGO will convince sponsors and donators about the success of the cause. Do not shy away from local radio, newspapers or cable networks that have dedicated time for community events. Take advantage of the social media which has a strong presence among the today’s population.  Prepare pamphlets, brochures, posters, and interpretive books that can briefly describe the cause and goals of your organization and hand them over to people who can be impacted with the cause.

Get under the spotlight

2. Be Organized and Transparent:

Establish a strong and permanent presence of your NGO in the society. Register your organization as a nonprofit group following proper procedures. Keep statistical record of your achievements, because sponsors unlike volunteers demand to see where you stand. Have your website where people can access information about your NGO, dates of events, statistical record and success of your organization.  The contact person of the NGO will make a huge difference to the organization because he/she will be leaving the first impression on people who approach you. Appoint only people who have thorough knowledge about the NGO and its goal, has good people skills and is passionate about its success. Have an advisory board to overlook the functioning of the organization and manage the funds appropriately. Transparency in the management of funds will earn the trust of people thus encouraging them to donate towards your cause.

Be Organized and Transparent

1. Let your actions speak:

Nothing speaks better than the results you have achieved through hard work for your NGO. Once your work makes an impact, the grants and funds will come seeking you. Evaluate and monitor your NGO, so that you can bring out maximum benefits for the cause. There have been cases of many single individuals who have started working on a cause with dedication initially all alone, but later went on to grow into full fledged organizations making impact not just nationally but also internationally. Don’t just say you care but demonstrate it through your conscientious actions. Be ready to face the consequences and bear responsibilities for your action.  Your creditability will make you eligible to have access to government grants as well as national and international funds of various humanitarian organizations.

Let your actions speak