The 6 Most Reliable Contact Lens Manufacturers In India

1:00 am 24 Feb, 2014

In this modern age where you have to be both fashionable as well as technologically advanced, contact lenses come as a boon to many. They not only help correct and maintain vision, but also changes the way you look, enhancing the beauty of your eyes—after all, eyes are the gateway to the heart! However, since its eyes we’re talking about, you cannot select contact lenses from just any brand; you need to make the right decision. So, here’s a list of the better brands of contact lenses that are available in the market—

6. Polylite Sofclear

Well, if you want to create a fashion statement through your eyes, then just chuck off your regular eye wears or even contact lenses and switch on to Polylite Sofclear. Polylite Sofclear is a brand belonging to the Coloreyes Eye Care Pvt. Ltd., and is known for their moisture retaining formula, comfort factor and ocular health. And, if you want “designer” eye wear, then switch onto their Crazy series, which offers myriad designs to suit every “wacky” party mood. In fact, they have also got a “gold series,” which gives an extra golden shimmer to your eyes! They have also got an array of other related products. So, go ahead, and grab your favorite one!

Polylite Sofclear - Most Reliable Contact Lens Manufacturers In India

5. Fresh look

Famous mostly among the youth, Fresh Look has revolutionized contact lenses from being a mere vision correcting device one to a more vibrant, fashion statement. The name “Fresh look” indicates that you can change your eye color daily to suit your mood and temperament, and to this end, they have introduced not one or two but 19 colored lenses. From proper and reliable vision correcting lenses to the zero-power beauty enhancing ones, you get anything and everything you want from your contact lenses—and all these, at a really affordable rate!

Fresh look - Most Reliable Contact Lens Manufacturers In India

4. Ciba Vision

One of the most popular contact lens manufacturers in India, Ciba Vision is a US based company with its headquarters in Georgia and is renowned for its large variety of lenses and other related products. Recently the company has been merged with Alcon and both of them produce world class, top quality contact lenses around the world. Specially adapted to provide clear and sharp vision and moisture, you can get a vast array of lenses here—specialty lenses, cosmetic lenses, bifocal lenses; and, from daily disposable lenses and weekly disposable lenses to monthly wears, you’ll get everything that you desire.

Ciba Vision - Most Reliable Contact Lens Manufacturers In India

3. Cooper Vision

Cooper Vision is a US based company that has been manufacturing contact lenses since 1980. The company has its headquarters in California and sells contact lenses and other related products to more than 100 countries. Cooper Vision deals in both spherical and specialty contact lenses and has innumerable subsidiary brands like Proclear, Biofinity and Avaira among others. However, their multifocal lenses, Frequency 55, are renowned around the world for the advanced technology that they inhabit.

Cooper Vision - Most Reliable Contact Lens Manufacturers In India

2. Johnson and Johnson Vision Care

One of the most dependable and reliable companies, Johnson and Johnson’s foray into the world of ophthalmology comes with Johnson and Johnson Vision Care. Their contact lenses come under the subsidiary company Vistakon and are sold as a part of the brand, Acuvue. Renowned for their moisture retaining technology, the brand also provides the latest technology to cure Astigmatism. Apparently, Acuvue, which comes in attractive price packages, sells the highest number of contact lenses in the world.

Johnson and Johnson Vision Care - Most Reliable Contact Lens Manufacturers In India

1. Baush + Lomb

The first and obvious choice to most of the people using contact lenses is Baush + Lomb! Established in 1853, in USA, it is one of the oldest companies making contact lenses and their fame has reached worldwide with over 100 countries around the world marketing and selling Baush + Lomb products. The company sells not only contact lenses but also eye fluids, medicines and surgical equipments with their products being broadly divided into three categories—cataract and vitreoretinal  surgery, visional and pharmaceutical. If you’re a newbie to the world of contact lenses, give this a try, and you’ll never repent.

Baush and Lomb - Most Reliable Contact Lens Manufacturers In India


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