6 Reasons Why A Woman Can’t Stay Without Her Handbag

7:00 am 6 Aug, 2014

A woman and her handbag are as inseparable from each other as are ants and their discipline. Take one away and the other is as hapless, that hapless could ever be. Be it a tote, a clutch, a sling or a simple faux-leather handbag – find a woman without any of them and you’ll be the first one to do so. It’s only once that you’ll start taking a bag, that you’ll know the worth of taking one. We don’t really have the world to carry, but what men gather from around, we carry it from home. Now, which one’s safer? Check this list to know why the handbag is a woman’s soul mate:

6. They’re simply gorgeous!

Forget about the importance of carrying a handbag along with you, don’t you simply get smitten by those gorgeous things? Be it at online shopping sites, or bag stores, we simply look and wonder which one to own and which one to buy next. The handbag is the most fashionable accessory women use simply to wow each other with. A branded one or a local one – owning one simply makes you feel on top of the world. The fact that almost all of them look so good makes it irresistible for us to carry. Handbags are infectious.

Why A Woman Can’t Stay Without Her Handbag

5. There is one for Every Occasion

There is no dearth of variety in a handbag when you are fishing for the one suited to your chosen occasion. Be it fancy, be it no-nonsense, be it fun and flirty – you sure have one for each time that you move out. Even at parties and family celebrations,there’s that one killer clutch that you prefer taking out along with you. And those oh-so-cool sling bags are always a fashion favorite among young guns. Want to take some extra things along with you? What are totes for?

Why A Woman Can’t Stay Without Her Handbag

4. You Can Carry Whatever You Wish

A water bottle? Keys? Make up for touching up whenever you get time? Lip balm? Credit cards? Important papers? A note-pad? You’ve got room for all of them and many more. A handbag has always helped us in carrying the most important things that we could want, suddenly. Err, lip balm is actually very essential. Clapped lips are the worst thing that can happen to your face, under any circumstances. You could even carry your umbrella during the rainy season and a shawl or stole when winter is about to begin. There’s no end to what you can carry in a handbag.

Why A Woman Can’t Stay Without Her Handbag

3. Helps you From Spending More

Once you carry all those essentials in your handbag, you wouldn’t really require buying them again, when they are in need. Of course, you always take things with you that you would require along the day. Hence, missing out on one would entail in another buy. Instead, when you’ve got everything stacked up inside your bag, you can stay absolutely fuss-free and carry on with your work, not to worry about asking for it or getting hold of a new one.

Why A Woman Can’t Stay Without Her Handbag

2. Like You, Like Your Handbag

When you wear something, that dress becomes a part of your individuality. People start associating it with you, and somehow that dress becomes your identification mark (even if it’s a bit less). Same for handbags, we’ve been carrying handbags for ages and now they are inseparable from our personas. Each handbag stands for something else as each garment on you. Now that you’ve made it a part of your lifestyle, you’ll feel out of place without it. Simply put, carrying it is a mandate.

Why A Woman Can’t Stay Without Her Handbag

1. You can carry the Much Needed Deo

A deodorant is something everyone must carry to their office (please!) It’s very important to ward off that evening stank that some people never forget to give off. It’s not a fault of theirs, but it gets distracting for others. Spray a little amount and you’re perfect. Too bad men don’t carry it and some get unbearable, we know that. It actually should be made into a rule, don’t you think? And, it’s no big deal for you girls to put your deo inside your big spacious bag.

Why A Woman Can’t Stay Without Her Handbag

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