6 Reasons Why Red Wedding in Game of Thrones Was Inevitable

9:56 am 6 Jun, 2013

The “Red Wedding” is over and, standing true to its name, it has left behind blood flowing down the Twins. Robb Stark, The King of the North and the eldest son of the slain Ned, was killed by Walder Frey and Stark bannerman Roose Bolton along with Talisa, his pregnant wife, and Catelyn Stark, his mother. In what appears as an “unexpected” treachery, the Freys broke the sacred laws of hospitality and butchered almost all of Stark’s men after inviting them to the wedding between Robb’s cousin Edmure Tully and Walder’s daughter Roslin Frey. The scene where Catelyn’s throat was slit was particularly gruesome. Such was the cruelty that even Robb’s direwolf, Grey Wind, was not spared. The segment in the episode titled ‘Rains of Castamere’ evoked emotions of shock, anger and disgust from fans of the George R.R. Martin story. Social media was inundated with tweets and posts rebuking the segment. But was this reaction warranted? Why was the treachery “unexpected”? What was so outrageous about the scene that a Twitter account named @RedWeddingTears began to retweet the most anguished responses. Read on to find out why Red Wedding was inevitable.

6. Game of Thrones was getting predictable:

Game of Thrones getting Predictable

True followers of the Game of Thrones would know that the entire story is built to give a shock to the readers or viewers. If you are a true follower, and you understand how a story is built, you shouldn’t be surprised by the betrayal. If the last two seasons give any indications, a twist in the tale was right around the corner. From the first season with Eddard getting executed to second season where Theon Greyjoy betrays Robb Stark, why would you think the third season would be any different?

5. Roles of Arya, Bran, Hound, etc., would have ended:

Many characters in Game of Thrones

It is true that even the most ardent fans of Game of Thrones can’t name all of its characters. The beauty of this series lies in the fact that there is no central character hogging all the screen space. With Robb Stark getting too much of screen time, the development of other characters such as Arya Stark, Hound, Stannis Baratheon would have taken a backseat. With him out of the way, you can look forward to these characters playing a more prominent role in the coming series. For instance, Arya has now witnessed the killing of her father, brother and mother.

4. Makes the final victory even sweeter:

The more the tension builds up, the better it will be in the end. The killing of Robb Stark and his mother, and the scene witnessed by Arya Stark makes the plot more interesting. It is obvious that Arya would now be full of the desire for vengeance against the Lannisters having earlier seen her father getting executed, and now her brother and mother, at the hands of Lannisters. But since Game of Thrones is as unpredictable as weather, only Martin knows how things will unfold in the end. Nevertheless, this segment was important for Arya’s development because is the only major character to have at least one point-of-view segment in each of the five books written till date.


3. George R.R. Martin:

Scumbag George Martin

George R.R. Martin is a master storyteller and the way he creates the yearning for justice through his story is awesome. At the same time he intentionally disappoints readers and viewers alike when they most expect justice to be delivered. What makes you think then that Martin would show all happy-happy characters in a meeting between two families, one of which refused to marry the other’s daughter? This is a medieval fantasy and the rules of the game will obviously be…medieval! Robb and Catelyn had to die to make Arya stronger.

2. Lord Bolton freed Jaime:

Lord Bolton freed Jaime

“The Lannisters send their regards.” —Roose Bolton, handing Robb the worst wedding gift ever. Do you remember when Roose let Jaime Lannister go free earlier in the series? Did you question his motives then? If not, why not? It was obvious that something was brewing under Bolton’s skull when he allowed Jaime, a prisoner of the Starks, to go to King’s Landing with instructions to explain to Tywin Lannister that Bolton was not responsible for his maiming. At the same time Bolton keeps the Brianne, loyal to the Starks, a prisoner. It takes a little wit to realize Bolton’s plot but had those who applied it, wouldn’t have been surprised at the betrayal.

1. Robb continued to pass on Catelyn’s advice:

Robb continued to pass on Catelyn's advice

A king must have ears for wise counsel. Robb lacked that and had to pay with his, his wife’s and his mother’s lives. Catelyn has been the sanest voice so far in the series but also the most ignored. Ned ignored her advice not to go to King’s Landing with Robert Baratheon and met with his death. The same applied to Robb who ignored her at every turn. She distrusted Walder Frey and Bolton, too, but Robb couldn’t understand to the end.

By: Team TopYaps

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