6 Reasons Why You Should Be Sober When Your Friends Are Dead Drunk

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 2:41 pm


Witnessing the whereabouts of a drunken friend can beat any season of your favourite sitcom. You’ve probably heard stories of how you’ve fared after a drink from your friend, but imagine you giving the description? It’s the most entertaining thing to watch your friend go berserk after a drink. You are the lucky one to encounter some of the weirdest things that you otherwise don’t get to see. You also are in no space to encounter any form of trouble whatsoever. Here are the reasons why you should stay sober while your friends go hic hic hurray:

6. Entertainment with a Capital E

Drunken friends can be extremely entertaining with every move they make. Each antic will make you go ROFL. Your otherwise cheerful friend might be crying the hell out, or your otherwise reserved friend might be jumping with laughter. Thinking of such things alone makes us laugh, and imagine watching that for real. You can be the silent observer making mental notes or taking videos of the whole episode. Trust me, those drunken happenings will not be able to keep you quiet for long, a burst of laughter after every second is yours. Plus, you now know ALL the secrets.

Entertainment with a Capital E

5. You Know Everything at the Moment

Following from the above point, you’ve by now come to know about every detail of your friends – the good, the bad, the ugly, the gross, the secretive and many more. You have that nasty grin on your face as soon as you are the master of the situation with every detail at your fingertips. It does feel great to be the know-it-all and make it to use whenever and wherever required. And the best part? They have no clue that you know all their secrets. Being sober is actually quite cool.

You Know Everything at the Moment

4. Say Goodbye to Hangovers

No puking, no headaches, no lethargy, to sum up: no hangover. However much we love to have a sip once in a while, we all hate hangovers. You miss your breakfast (and try hard to think of a valid reason to give mummy) and waste the whole morning all red-eyed and cranked up. No hangover means no bad mornings and a cheerful self. Your friends might be out of reach the whole day while you are all ready to face every question of your previous day party. Not having a hangover is actually a boon.


Say Goodbye to Hangovers

3. No More of Drunken Dialling

You’ve done or you’ve not done it, you sure fear it. And the ones who’ve done have cursed themselves, their phones and whatever came across their minds. Dialling your mother’s number at a moment when you’re about to come out with your most kept secret will fall heavy on you the next day. You do want to do nothing to regret when you get up next morning, don’t you? Hence staying sober will prevent you from all the mess that you have the chances to make.

No More of Drunken Dialling

2. No Worries at the Home Front

You’ve done your best to look and smell P for Perfect when you return home. But has it paid off? You’ve noticed your parents sneaking a curious glance at you once in a while, haven’t you? And you did miss a beat, fearing that you have revealed it all. Had you been sober, you could have avoided this mess. No explanations, and hence, no worries. You don’t really want your parents to get a glimpse of your spirited self.

No Worries at the Home Front

1. No Carrying dozens of Mouth Fresheners

Gobbling up as much mouth fresheners as you can right from the time you’re on your senses can be avoided. Having a whole lot of it and carrying home much of it has been your mantra after every drink-party you’ve attended. However much you’ve chewed and chewed, you haven’t really felt confident to go closer to anyone at home. And your precious bag, poor thing, has to carry a little less if you are perfectly sober. It’s a Catch 22 situation; you’ve got to choose the one you want best.

No Carrying dozens of Mouth Fresheners