6 Reasons Former CJI Shouldn’t Have Trashed NEET Exam

7:00 am 26 Dec, 2013


India is a democratic country where people from all religions, castes and creeds are given the same privilege and amenities sans any discrimination. At least, that’s what India is on pen and paper.  But thanks to the “leaders” of the country, this equality is but a distant dream to the common people.

Take for example the NEET exam or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for the candidates wanting to pursue post-graduation in Medicine. As known, the former honorable Chief Justice of India, Altamas Kabir, had scrapped the exams, apparently for good.

Let’s look at some reasons why the decision was widely criticized by students, practicing doctors and informed citizens of the country —

6. Common Entrance Exam Could Ensure Merit-Based Selection


Having an entrance exam results in fair selection of the candidates based specifically on their merit. Whether the students restrict themselves strictly to their syllabus in the UG level or are they scholarly enough to take different challenges get to be known through these entrance examinations which do not strictly abide by any syllabus.

Yes, entrance system too has many loopholes; nevertheless, it is also by far the best and most transparent selection procedure.

Common Entrance Exam Could Ensure Merit-Based Selection

NEET exam was one hope to make merit based selection a possibility (to a great degree). CJI Saheb trashed it, at least for one year.

5. Lesser Burden on students

Having a single screening test for students meant that they could just devote all their energies to prepare for a single exam.

Had they been preparing for other entrance tests as well, they would have had to juggle between different schedules and choices.

Lesser Burden on students - Reasons Former CJI Shouldn't Have Trashed NEET Exam

Earlier, the entrance exams would be spread over a couple of months or even more, leaving the students gasping for breath and fresh air.

Preparing for one single exam would mean lesser burden on the students—they would be able to breathe and, at least, enjoy their lives a bit even amidst the company of fat books!

4. Exemption from Heavy Examination and Other Fees

Having one single screening exam for a pan-India selection would mean paying for only one single entrance examination and not splurging on 100s of other entrance tests.

Allotment on the basis of result always implies transparency and hence, a complete exemption from the hefty capitation and donation fees which are indeed a burden to many.

Exemption from Heavy Examination and Other Fees

It’s been reported that the scarcity of seats prompted the greedy private institutions to charge, for capitation fees, a sum as large as 80 lakhs of rupees and about 10 lakhs per annum!

Is it really possible for any poor or even middle class person to pay such a large sum?

Is education only for the upper class?

The answers remain yet unanswered.

3. Incentive for the Economically Backward Students

Yes, you’ve got the quota system here too, just like all other places. But having one single screening system is really beneficial to the students who are actually poor.

It means, if you’re really meritorious, you’ll surely be placed in one of the top colleges where you won’t have to bother about the capitation fees and “other” development fees as well.

Incentive for the Economically Backward Students

This is one reason why this single screening system is favored by large number of common people who have to fight to live their lives—no matter how meritorious and hardworking they are.

2. No place for Back-door entries

Of course, NEET had to be scrapped for it was proving to be a huge difficulty in the path of the brokers and other such people who would just demand a heavy amount against the promise of securing medical seats!

No place for Back-door entries - Reasons Former CJI Shouldn't Have Trashed NEET Exam

NEET had to be scrapped for making these greedy people ends meet—India is a free and democratic country, did we just say so?

1. Access to More Seats

If there’s a transparency in the selection system, if the admission is based on purely merit basis sans any stupid backdoor entry system, there will of course be more seats available for the students who are really meritorious and praiseworthy.

Access to More Seats - Reasons Former CJI Shouldn't Have Trashed NEET Exam


Due to a huge flourish in the private institutions and the middlemen, most of the seats were already full even before the merit list was put up! The seats were, to put it straight and in simple words, available for sale in the open market—can you imagine what kind of doctors would they produce?