6 Pleasures You Get While Travelling With Your Parents

Updated on 7 Oct, 2014 at 5:14 pm


Travelling has its own pleasures, universal to global travelers. None of us can really get on with work unless we go on a vacation or travel somewhere far. Who loves to get hogged down at work at the cost of a very special travel? No body, ever. With friends, you’ve got the license to meet your secret wishes which you have been so long barred from. But, with parents, the case is different. Guilty pleasures can now take a backseat. Travelling with parents is not really as boring as you feel it is – it can be very energizing and fun. Here are certain things you can only get if you travel with your parents:

6. Not to Worry about Waking up On Time

The sleepyheads among you have had a tough time watching the sunrise, be it in beaches or mountains, haven’t you? When mummy’s there, you never need to worry about your waking woes. Your mother or father or any other member of your family will definitely wake you up on time. This is also because, in all probability, they’ve gone off to sleep on time. Now that’s something you never did all your life. With parents you can never worry about missing the sunrise ever.

Not to Worry about Waking up On Time

5. Food? You have Mum to Look after that


Eating somewhere outside, from a dhaba or a nearby eatery has been your mantra each time. You also had to have your worries in place about your eating in remote mountains and valleys. But with parents you can forget about worrying about food and anything else in the world. Enliven the child inside you and get pampered like you always got. They’ll get it in front of you each time and you can have the time of your life, clicking, roaming and enjoying views.

Food? You have Mum to Look after that

4. Hello Early Mornings, Goodbye Late Nights

Early mornings? Early nights? Haven’t you simply forgotten about it? However, our parents go off to sleep under the impression that we will sleep really early only to discover that we’ve slept with lights switched on. But when you’re travelling with parents you can be sure of being put to sleep very, very early. Your health will be really happy and you’ll feel twenty times more refreshed than you usually feel. You’ve left early mornings way behind you. This is your chance to revive them and enjoy the pleasures they provide. And, it’s only possible when your parents are with you.

Hello Early Mornings, Goodbye Late Nights

3. You Get the Best of Everything

Without having to fend for yourself, you’ll get the best of everything when you’re travelling with your parents. You’ll get the best berth, the biggest parathas, the best room, the hottest cup of tea and the best of anything that is available. Your parents will always provide you with the best, which, they have been doing since you were born. This is surely one of the best highs of travelling with parents. With friends, you get what you have found, but with parents you get the choicest. Want anything and you get anything, however, don’t exploit them.

You Get the Best of Everything

2. You Save a Chunk of Your Pocket Money

When your parents are with you, they’re never going to allow you to pay the bills. If you wish to, it’s your choice. But most Indian parents think their children to be little babies and you save pocket money in the process. Imagine the amount you would have had to dish out had you been on a trip with friends now. And here you are with your parents, enjoying to the hilt, without having to take out a single penny.

You Save a Chunk of Your Pocket Money

1. And finally, Your Liver Sleeps in Peace

You would have boozed, surely without your parents around. With friends, no trip is complete without a bit of drinks. Staying up at night and drinking away to glory, with lots of helping of beer is an old rule. But, when you are with your parents you don’t get such an opportunity. You save a lot of money and your liver is happy too. You don’t have hangovers, terrible headaches and you don’t have to deal with a great deal of puke, here and there. Without drinks you are in the pink of your health in the morning and everyone’s happy. Make up for the lack of drinks in your next trip with friends.


And finally, Your Liver Sleeps in Peace

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