6 Pairs of Bollywood Bodybuilders You’d Love Watch Fighting

Updated on 14 Aug, 2014 at 1:08 pm


Girls, it’s time for some fun. Let’s put our hottest Bollywood bodybuilders to test by engaging them in fight sequences to revive our sore eyes. Our Bolly men do have their packs in place to show off! Why not put them in pairs and see which looks best, or, which pair looks best? I’ve got six pairs for you below. You can add more:

6. Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt

Can a certain Salman Khan go wrong with his body? Nope. Not at all – he’s actually one of the first heroes who started flaunting their bare torsos (how thoughtful of him!) You need the perfect opponent for this man and who else other than Sanjay Dutt? (A younger version of Sanjay Dutt would be preferable) Two of the finest bodies in B-Town in a fight sequence is entirely drool-worthy. Don’t forget to bat your lids.


5. Hrithik Roshan and Sunil Shetty


Okay fine, I know Sunil Shetty hasn’t got those great looks, but hey, forget about the face when it’s down to bare essentials underneath, I bet he’s got plenty that will make the most handsome men look drab. You must have at least once seen his body – it’s one of a kind. We shall require a tough contender now and it’s about time to select Hrithik Roshan. That ‘can’t-get-my-eyes-off’ body is a killer for one and all. When they fight, it will be nothing but hotness. This is probably the ONLY time we girls like sweat on men’s body.

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4. John Abraham and Akshay Kumar

You’ve seen them as buddies – hugging, laughing and doing all the bromance stuff. However, I’m pretty sure you’ve much as well loved seeing them fighting. You’ve seen John Abraham in only those yellow shorts in Dostana and I’m sure it was the widest gape you could possibly offer. Akshay Kumar, not into much skin show did show a lot of abs in the film Desi Boyz. Watching them fight with those bodies is one experience we would love to go through anytime. John Abraham would be doubly sexy if he doesn’t bother to grow his hair any longer.


3. John Abraham and Vidyut Jamwal

Don’t you feel Vidyut Jamwal is the next big thing on the Bollywood Bodybuilding brigade? P.S. – You should thank the makers of Force for being so considerate of our wishes. Vidyut Jamwal stole the show here simply because he had better, if at all, expressions than John Abraham. Both looked amazing and don’t you think it was a tad bit difficult for us to take sides? Well, let’s not take sides and simply enjoy the treat. After all, everything’s fair in love and war.


2. Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan

The two Dhoom villains should absolutely be put together for a fight sequence. With that ‘eyeballs-popping out’ body of Aamir Khan (well, sadly, he loses it very quickly) you have your one side quite strong. Pit him against Hrithik Roshan and the other side is equally heavy. The height factor, however, remains an issue here – but I think Aamir can pull that off too. Although I’m not a big fan of action movies, yet, it’s quite fun watching them getting down and dirty.


1. Saif Ali Khan and Ranveer Singh

Ranvir Singh is one bundle of energy – you can be assured of a break-less fight sequence when it’s him on one side. The stylish and suave Saif Ali Khan might be the witty and funny guy but he really can do all that dhishoom-dhishoom. Saif, being slightly older to Ranvir, might put Ranvir to test – but as you know, this man never goes out of energy. As a suggestion, I would rather advice Saif not to utter anything – his voice might bring down all the aggression; and Ranvir could do away with his long-lasting smile. On the other hand, these two can really provide the laughs amid all the fighting and stuff.



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