6 Nests For Tad Bit Romance In Kolkata

7:00 am 21 Aug, 2014

So, you’re paired up? Looking for the perfect hangout place in your own city? Just pick the one, which matches the kind of couple you are! Your city loves you and does take care of your whims and fancies. You don’t believe it? These are some of the romantic hangout places in your own city, Kolkata.

6. Chung Wah

If you are a ‘foodie’ couple, this age-old Chinese restaurant can be the perfect for both of you. A long romantic conversation along with, Chung Wah Special Chicken, Fried Chilli Pork and Cantonese Noodles can never go wrong. The dimly lit cabins will entice you. And in all likelihood, you will find the food amazing as all the recipes have been handed down through generations. The Chicken Mushroom, Hot and Spicy Chilli Chicken, Bamboo Shoot with Chicken and also Prawn Hakka Chow Mein enjoy popularity. Alcoholic beverages are also served, if you want.

Nests For Tad Bit Romance In Kolkata

5. Princep Ghat

If you are a true ‘romantic’ couple, you are bound to love this place. Princep Ghat is located on the strand road and is known as one of the oldest recreational spots of the city. The memorial built for James Princep stands on the banks of the River Hooghly. The best time to visit the place is during sunrise or sunset. Preferably, sunset for the couples, as the boat ride along the river after sunset, cannot be missed. The magnificent Vidydasagar Sethu across the river forms an amazing backdrop to the Memorial.

Nests For Tad Bit Romance In Kolkata

4. Nalban Boating complex

If you are a ‘fun loving’ couple, this place is perfect for you.Far away from the madding crowd, you can enjoy the beauties and bounties of nature with your loved one. Treat yourself to an amazing boating tour on paddle boats or hovercraft or deluxe sikharas. The boats have sitting arrangements for two, three and four. You can choose as you desire. It is considered the perfect nest for the love birds in Kolkata. If you want to indulge in fun and frolics with your partner in the bosom of nature and at low budget, Nalban Boating Complex is ideal. The most enchanting attraction of this place is the four hundred acre picturesque lake.

Nests For Tad Bit Romance In Kolkata

3. Victoria Memorial

Live in the grandeur of old times with your partner. The Paintings of the city from British era and some priceless photographs and artifacts are a must watch. Well, if you are among the lazy couples, the garden out there is for you. You can sit and relax there with your partner, have a long conversation in the serene environment.

Nests For Tad Bit Romance In Kolkata

2. Bagbazar ghat

The nook and crannies of the Kolkata have witnessed many love stories brewing since ages.  Bagbazar Ghat, has been the favourite of all generations. Ask your grannies even they must have bunked their college to enjoy the view of the Hooghly river. There are steamers next to Baghbazar Ghat. Steamers carry passengers to the opposite bank of the river. The old world charm wraps you within it completely. You may visit the opposite bank or remain occupied with your partner but do not forget a cup of tea, which is supposedly the icing on the cake.

Nests For Tad Bit Romance In Kolkata

1. City center, Salt Lake

What if you are a foodie, fun loving and romantic couple? This is the place, City center, Salt Lake. They have a whole ‘hangout’ section there for you. You can shop around the mall. Sit back and relax outside or stuff in as much as you want in the food court. The ambience is perfect. City Centre has all that you need -shopping, food and entertainment. It has the highest number of food outlets, with unbeatable varieties – From Italian to Thai to North-West Indian to Chinese, apart from the large food court. It has a four-screen multiplex for the movie loving couples. Last but not the least a large electronic games and entertainment section, for all fun loving couples.

Nests For Tad Bit Romance In Kolkata

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