6 Mobile Apps For Those Who Frequently Travel Via Train In India

Updated on 29 Jul, 2014 at 12:29 pm


Indian Railways has been catering to the needs of the common masses since the late 19th century when it was first fagged off. Now, after nearly a century and a half, there are innumerable trains running across the country, and though its service is on an ever deteriorating stage, it has not ceased to be “the” most important mode of commuting for the Indians. And, thanks to the mobile technology, traveling in trains, collecting boarding passes or tickets, checking PNR statuses, route maps, etc. has become so much sorted. This list talks about all those Smartphone Apps which make traveling in trains in India a far better deal—

6. Rail Mate

A Windows Phone app, Rail Mate has been developed by a Microsoft Student Partner from Indore, Gaurav Chauhan, and is regarded as one of the best choices among the frequent train travelers.  From checking the PNR statuses and train schedules to planning your trips and pinning them down for offline accesses, it’s a superbly comprehensive all-in-one app that you need while traveling or planning for any excursion in trains! The only drawback with this brilliant app is its limited accessibility—its available only to the Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 users.


5. Train Status


It’s quick, it’s easy to use and, of course, it’s fun! With this app, you can get all the live updates of the running statuses along with all the details of the trains—train numbers, the station codes, PNR enquiry and the trains arriving at the stations. And, the best thing about this Windows app is that you can pin down the train timetable offline on your cellular phone for a month!

The Andriod users, don’t be sorry for Indian Train Status app (the same one!) is available for you at the Google Play Store! Just download it, and be off with all your tensions!


4. Indian Rail Track

Who said Windows phones don’t come with great apps? Here’s another handy app for the rail travelers—Indian Rail Track. With the Indian Rail Track, you can track the live running statuses of trains all over India and also get a comprehensive pan Indian train schedule as well! One of the exciting features of this app is the “back” and “refresh” buttons which are quite rare phenomena in apps and sites related to the Indian Railways.

However, this app too is unavailable to the Andriod users though they can search for similar apps in the Google Play Store.

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3. Rail Yatri—Indian Railways

A bumper app from Stelling Technologies, Rail Yatri—Indian Railways app has a whole lot of hi-tech features like the newer trains available at the chosen station, route changes, train locators on GPS and crowd-sourced data about the station(s) of your choice, along with the regular features available in other railway apps. It’s a Android App which can be easily downloaded from the Google play store.

The Windows Phone users can check out the similar Rail Yatri app which is an unofficial app of RailYatri.in.


2. Train Alarm

This is one important app that all the regular railway commuters must download and use—it’ll save you a lot of sleepless nights (well, literally). With this app, you can set an alarm for your destination station, when you’re well 5 to 25 kms away from it! The best feature of this alarm (with a meager 0 to ½ km error margin) is that even if your network gives off, or if you’re offline, the alarm will ring without any discrepancy!

Train Alarm


No matter how many apps come up, the one by the Indian Government is the most accurate and safest. If you too abide by this formula, then IRCTC app is just the one for you. Available to both Windows and Android, you get all the necessary details about your journey in this app. However, the best thing is that you can even book your e-tickets with this app—no need to log onto a computer for doing so—and it’s 100% safe and secure!



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