6 Memorable Characters Played By Sanjay Dutt

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The very first macho Bollywood actor, Sanjay Dutt started his professional career 34 years ago making a commendable debut with “Rocky.” Despite giving many notable performances in a variety of genres, his personal life and time in the film industry have never been easy. Regardless of all the mess in his real and reel life, Sanjay Dutt has given us several movies which can’t be imagined without him!

Here are 6 memorable characters Sanju Baba has played on the celluloid:

6. Ravi in Sadak

Mahesh Bhatt was one of the few Bollywood directors to use the talented Sanjay Dutt well, creating characters and roles keeping his lean and fit looks, junky bluster and sleep-deprived characteristics in mind. In Sadak, Mr. Bhatt featured Sanju as Ravi, a taxi driver, to bag huge success and appreciation from the entire Hindi film industry. The film scrounged several facets of ‘Taxi Driver’, a 1976 classic by Martin Scorsese, and became the fifth highest grossing Bollywood film of 90’s.


Characters Played By Sanjay Dutt

5. Aman Verma/Saagar in Saajan

Considered as one of the most successful romantic films of Bollywood, Saajan was another great chance for Sanjay Dutt to prove his versatility as an actor. As expected by the makers, audiences and critics, he did a truly great job. He played the role of a reclusive poet and was able to make it the most sensitive on-screen performance of his filmy career. As a handicapped orphan and true friend, he hides behind the bristle of his best friend, Salman Khan, in the movie.

Where the story was beautifully narrated, the songs of the movie are still among the best melodies ever. Despite his unusually quiet and somber appearance in the film, Sanju Baba shocks all of us as he walks away with both the girl and a heavy applause!

Characters Played By Sanjay Dutt

4. Raghu in Vaastav

Regarded as one of the best performances by Sanjay Dutt ever, Vaastav not only won Sanjay Dutt the Filmfare Best Actor award, but also secured him a special place within the hearts of his countless domestic as well as international fans.

He did full justice to Raghu, his character in the movie, and gave it a classical touch through his personality. Sanju’s outstanding acting made the audiences have a nearly real experience of witnessing a simple boy becoming the underworld don due to adverse circumstances!

Characters Played By Sanjay Dutt

3. Vicky in Naam

One of the most captivating and emotional movies of its time, Naam revolved around the issue of illicit immigration was a huge success in terms of both box-office performance and reviews from critics. This Mahesh Bhatt drama successfully featured Sanjay Dutt as Vicky, a young man who aspires to go to Dubai for the sole purpose of making lots of money. Instead, he gets into huge trouble with the law, goes astray and ends up working for a smuggler. Sanju was able to express a mix of boyish cockiness and helplessness as he tumbled down into crime.

Characters Played By Sanjay Dutt

2. Ballu in Khalnayak

When Subhash Ghai cast Sanjay Dutt as a bad guy in Khalnayak, though no one had ever seen his negative shades, he was able to fit in the role by virtue of his versatile personality and approach. The Showman made the most of the star’s talent and almost all renowned Bollywood personalities got compelled to give hearty remarks. The song ‘Nayak nahi Khalnayak hun mai’ also gelled well with Sanju Baba’s persona in the movie.

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Characters Played By Sanjay Dutt

1. Munna in Munnabhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai

Doubtless one of the liveliest characters of Hindi film industry, ‘Munna’ from ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ and ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ was loved and admired by both the audiences and critics. In an absolutely unique chemistry with Circuit that was well received by all of us, the actor excelled in everything from comedy and action to emotion and romance.

It was literally the impact of Sanju’s performance that made it impossible for the audiences to imagine someone else fitting into the iconic role!


Characters Played By Sanjay Dutt

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