6 Lifestyle Changes That Control Blood Sugar

5:32 am 21 Nov, 2013

High blood sugar is a lifestyle disease caused due to lack of exercise, obesity and unhealthy diet. High blood sugar initially leads to Hyperglycemia, and when it exceeds 126 mg/dl is considered to be diabetes. Rise in blood sugar is seen either when insulin production is inadequate, or when the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin. At times both the conditions are present leading to chronic illness. You need not become desperate due to increased sugar levels, since it can be controlled by making few changes to your everyday habits. Here is the list of 6 lifestyle change you can make to control blood sugar and improve your overall health.

6. Manage your weight:

Weight and high blood sugar levels play a game of vicious cycle which can be very dangerous. Overweight leads to diabetes where as high blood sugar leads to polyphagia (hunger pangs) and polydipsia (extreme thirst) which makes them consume more food than typically required by their bodies, in turn making them overweight. It is very important to have a good weight management program to keep blood sugar levels low. Fortunately, losing even 7-10 pounds of weight can do wonders for diabetes management.

6 Lifestyle Changes That Control Blood Sugar

5. Avoid Stress and Anxiety:

Stress affects blood sugar levels both directly and indirectly. With stress and anxiety bogging you down, you will skip exercises and either overeat or skip meals to shoot up the blood sugar levels. Stress directly affects blood sugar levels by causing the body to produce hormones which prevents the insulin from functioning properly.  Learn relaxation techniques like meditation, guided imagery biofeedback, reading, or outdoor activities, in addition to being organized to handle stress. If the level of stress and anxiety is high, seek professional help to manage them.

Avoid Stress

4. Stay away from unhealthy habits:

If you have been procrastinating about quitting smoking or cutting down alcohol consumption, then the rising blood sugar level should motivate you to do it now. Alcohol when used in excess can lead to pancreatitis which further hinders insulin secretion. Smoking can increase blood sugar, in addition to causing insulin resistance. Giving up on alcohol and smoking can bring down blood sugar levels to a great extent, especially if it is combined with other healthy lifestyle changes.

6 Lifestyle Changes That Control Blood Sugar

3. Follow advice of your doctor:

Doctors have excellent plans to manage high blood sugar with medications combined with changes in everyday routine. Ask your doctor about the dose and timing of your medications to follow them religiously. Always inform your doctor about any other medications you are taking, and also of the effects the medications are having on your body. If you believe in alternative or herbal medicine, make sure you discuss this with your doctor before opting for them. Some of them may not be compatible with the prescribed medicines you are taking.

6 Lifestyle Changes That Control Blood Sugar

2. Develop healthy eating habits:

Blood sugar is highly affected by your eating habit. How much you eat, what you eat and how often you eat decides your blood sugar level. Following a proper routine helps in keeping the blood sugar stable. Eat a nutritious and balanced diet that will supplement your body with all essential nutrients in proper proportions. Keep an eye on your portions. Do not take insulin on empty stomach as it may lower your blood sugar to dangerous levels. Keep your body well hydrated.

6 Lifestyle Changes That Control Blood Sugar

1. Work out those lazy muscles:

Exercise not only uses glucose for energy, moreover it keeps your body fit and active. Walking, jogging, cycling, gardening or even housework can control blood sugar to surprising extents. Do not embark on an exercise program which your body cannot tolerate. Be slow and steady with your progress. Coordinate your medicines and meals rightly with your exercising schedule. Since exercise can reduce blood sugar levels all of a sudden, it is highly important that you plan it with your health care team to determine the right amount of activity and timing for insulin.

6 Lifestyle Changes That Control Blood Sugar

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