6 Lesser Known Facts About Anjali Tendulkar

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Anjali Tendulkar, wife of the Cricket God, Sachin Tendulkar, has hardly ever appeared for interviews. It’s rare to spot her in the public domain, and you won’t ever find her presence at the stadium when Sachin Plays. What we all know about the Lady love of Sachin is that she is pediatrician by profession and has been a first class medical student in her own rights. Potentially a very good doctor, Anjali silently did justice to the saying, that “behind every successful man, there is always a woman.” She gave up her own career only so that Sachin’s career was not interrupted because of family worries. From the very start she was clear about letting Sachin concentrate on his cricket career, while she would take charge of the home and look after his family. It’s all thanks to her that Sachin could play his game and never worry about the home, finances, children, and other personal obligations.


We salute the contributions Anjali Tendulkar and have tried to compile facts about her life you’d love to know:-


6. Her Mother is of British Origin:

Anjali was born in a typical Gujarati business family based in Mumbai. Her father Anand Mehta was an industrialist and met his British wife at the London School of Economics, where they were both students. Later, Anjali’s mother Annabel Mehta ran an NGO by the name Apnalaya. This year, the NGO celebrated its 40th anniversary with Annabel Mehta as one of its Board of Directors. The NGO has contributed greatly to the cause of health, education and women empowerment in Mumbai.

Anjali Tendulkar with Sara Tendulkar

Anjali Tendulkar with Sara Tendulkar

5. Anjali spent her childhood in palatial mansions:


Wealth in Anjali’s parental family has always remained rock solid. They were industrialists and were rich before and after the partition. Anjali grew up with her parents in a palatial house on the 75 Bhulabhai Desai Road. Also, Anjali’s great Grandfather inherited a bungalow that was situated exactly opposite to the American Counslate on Warden Road. Besides, there was a 130 year old mansion in Lonavla, which has been with the family for five generations. Her parents, with their money built another lavish house in Goa.  And so Anjali’s childhood was spend in the lap of luxury.

Anjali Tendulkar House

4. Anjali did not recognize Sachin the first time they met:

Surprisingly Anjali was not able to recognize Sachin when they first spotted each other at the Mumbai International airport in 1990. This was despite the fact that Sachin had already achieved much fame, even though his international cricket career had not yet started. Anjali was present at the airport to receive her mother, when Sachin arrived with the Indian Cricket Team after scoring his maiden test. After this they courted each other for the next five years, before they got married in 1995.

Anjali Tendulkar

3. She watches only recorded matches of Sachin:

Anjali only watches recorded matches of Sachin so that Sachin doesn’t have to worry about making arrangements for the family, and concentrates on his game. The only exception to this rule was made when she appeared at the Eden Garden match and once at Wankhede. And, even she did appear at the Eden Gardens match, she was determined to keep it a secret and only surprise Sachin after the match was over.

Anjali Tendulkar facts

Anjali Tendulkar

2. Anjali, Mentor to Sachin:

Although most of you may think it’s the age difference between Sachin and Anjali that makes Anjali a mentor, but this is only one part of the picture, if you believe. Sachin has in several interviews admitted that Anjali is in fact his mentor and also a mentor to his kids.  She has always motivated him and Sachin has on several occasions agreed (on a lighter note) that he fears his wife’s temper.

Anjali Tendulkar with sachin tendulkal

Anjali Tendulkar with Sachin

1. Her Life stops when Sachin Plays:

Not attending live matches by Sachin, Anjali Tendulkar still remains as excited about his performance every time he plays. No matter what matter she’s doing, it is stopped when he is on the field. She doesn’t take phone calls when Sachin is at the crease. She doesn’t eat, drink, or even more from where she is. No SMS replies, no going to the washroom. Sometimes, when the match is very exciting, she has a spot at home, from where both her TV and Ganpati are visible, so she stands there and waits to see what happens.

Anjali Tendulkar with sachin

Anjali Tendulkar



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