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Twin Car Bomb Blasts Hits Military Base In Aden; Ten Dead, 12 Others Injured

Published on 6 July, 2016 at 3:04 pm By

Yemen’s military base in Aden was attacked by terrorists on June 6 leaving at least 10 people dead and around a dozen injured on the day the region was busy celebrating Eid.

The city was hit by a double car bomb attack with the aim of hitting the military base adjoining the international airport.



According to reports, the military are blaming jihadists though no terrorist group has taken responsibility for the attack.

One of attackers, reportedly detonated his car bomb once he was at the entrance to the base, so as to allow the second vehicle to drive inside the base where it then exploded.



File Photo of Aden AirportIndian Express

File Photo of Aden Airport. Indian Express

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