6 Interesting Facts Most People Don’t Know About Mamata Banerjee

11:00 pm 12 Mar, 2014


Feisty and fiery politician Mamata Banerjee, apart from being the Chief Minister of West Bengal, has many interesting and quirky traits to her personality which most people are unaware of. Her outward and outgoing personality outshines most of the characteristics.

Since the days of her being the opposition leader in West Bengal to being the Chief Minister of the state – there are quite a few interesting facts about her which remain unchanged and unique to her. Here is a list of those interesting points which you will love to know about:

6. She Wears Only One Kind of Sari

Firstly, you will never see her in colored sarees and secondly only in cotton sarees and, she never wears any other fabric. The special cotton sarees that she wears are known as ‘Dhaniakhali’ in Bengal. It is a special kind of sari, which is weaved in the district of Hooghly. They are of various colours but she wears the white ones. Her ones have a thin coloured border of threadwork. After she came into power this variety of the sari suddenly came in vogue and the sales rose up sharply.


She Wears Only One Kind of Sari

5. Always on a Pair of Flip Flops

Mamata Banerjee has never been seen wearing anything other than flip flops. You are unlikely to find her in any kind of shoes in future too. These are the ones which are not much styled. They have a white coloured body and either blue or white straps. The ones that she wears are really soft on the skin and highly comfortable for the legs. Even if she traveling on flight you will find Banerjee in these simple flip flops.

Always on a Pair of Flip Flops

4. She Absolutely Loves to Walk

And who would not walk if he/she is wearing a pair of those comfy slippers? Yes, Mamata Banerjee is mostly captured by cameras as walking. During her rallies which are gatherings for lakhs of people or maybe a seminar or any other special occasion – she is someone who would try to walk however much possible. She’s also quite fast in it – it gives out an impression of her being in a hurry. The other ministers reportedly say that it is difficult to keep pace with ‘didi’ (as she is fondly addresses in Bengal).

She Absolutely Loves to Walk

3. She Paints a Great Deal

Mamata Banerjee is an avid painter and you will also see her painting at rallies and other political gatherings too. She is said to be finishing her paintings in less than few hours. Her paintings have also gone for various auctions within the state, which has fetched her lots of money. That money was said to have been used for welfare purposes. She had also painted for many organizations and these paintings have been laminated and put up for public display. Her paintings are simple and mostly women-centric.

She Paints a Great Deal

2. A Spontaneous Singer

Have you ever come across a politician who spontaneously starts a song in the middle of a speech? Well, if you haven’t then this your chance to. Though it rarely happens, rare, if you follow her speeches, political or otherwise, you’ll notice she sometimes goes with the flow and delivers a song to the anxious audience. And most definitely it is one of the songs written by Rabindranath Tagore, her favourite. She is a lover of the arts and almost all the members of the film industry in Bengal are close to her. During her reign as the CM, she made it mandatory for traffic signals to play a Rabindra Sangeet when the red light is on – surely a lover of music and the arts.

A Spontaneous Singer

1. She Hates Traveling in a Convoy

Ministers and specially Chief Ministers are known to travel in cars which are heavily. Mamata Banerjee is not at all someone who likes to be amid such arrangements. She travels in a simple car without much security. There was an incident once where she was supposed to visit a place in a village. Over there the roads were not wide enough for cars to pass by – only bicycles and bikes could slip through. What she did was climbed a police bike, became a pillion rider and waved past the narrow roads to reach her destination. Can anyone beat that?


She Hates Traveling in a Convoy

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