6 Interesting Facts You Should Know About the Third Eye Chakra

11:00 am 24 May, 2014

The true foundation of human body is the seven chakras, the focal points of energy that function as a link between our basic and higher selves. Of these main chakras, the third eye chakra is considered the most significant one, considering its direct connection with awareness and spirituality. Where myths and traditions from around the globe suggest stimulating this dynamic chakra as the only way to visualize other dimensions that ordinary sight can’t perceive, scientific studies maintain it is the psychological center of faculties such as intuition and clairvoyance!

Listed below are 6 interesting facts about the third eye chakra or what most of would easily recognize as the “sixth sense.”

6. The Third Eye Chakra is the Seat of the Soul

If there is something that can allow humans to experience diverse forms without leaving the body, it is the third eye chakra. Activated, it can function as the third eye that is able to see the spiritual world, exactly the way our two eyes see the physical world. This chakra is, in a way, the doorway to one’s earth-bound physical existence and their immortal soul. However, it takes exceptional concentration and self-work to activate the third eye chakra and meet your higher self!

 Interesting Facts About the Third Eye Chakra

5. Third Eye Chakra Isn’t Even Eye-Shaped

Awkward as it may sound, the third eye chakra is not shaped like an eye actually. Most of us who are able to reach such high levels of concentration see it shaped like a star or square. While the third eye chakra may also be experienced in several other forms and shapes, the most common shape is an eye. It is of indigo/purple color, but many also see a black, dark eye.

 Interesting Facts About the Third Eye Chakra

4. Meditation is the Only Way to Stimulate the third Eye Chakra

It is hard, and near to impossible, to open the third eye if you are not able to rekindle your inert sources of energy and eventually, gather enough energy. And meditation is doubtless the only way to stay calm and composed, develop concentration, and get plenty of universal energy. When you meditate, the universal energy enters your body through the crown chakra.

Most people who do it successfully are able to experience their third eye only when they meditate. Meditation is also helpful in getting many other spiritual experiences, including cleansing of the nervous system and the awakening of kundalini energy.

 Interesting Facts About the Third Eye Chakra

3. The Third Eye Chakra Can Uncover Many Natural, Spiritual Gifts

Your level of awareness simply expands as your connection with the higher self grows with a stimulated third eye chakra. If you have intuitive powers that have been dormant till now, for instance, you’ll be able to realize your gift from the nature with an opened third eye. Many other types of latent, extraordinary abilities may uncover themselves, including clairvoyance, telepathy, energy healing and telepathy. Although these new powers may seem to overwhelm you in the beginning, it is true that your higher self will confer them to you only when you are mentally prepared!

 Interesting Facts About the Third Eye Chakra

2. Awakening the Third Eye – Concentration is the key, but it’s No Use Trying too Hard

To believe in yogis and experienced mediators, your third eye may expose itself to one while meditating, that too without having to try hard in any way. It is vital, however, to fully centralize your focus on the third eye area when meditating, that is, the part of the forehead right between the brows. It is equally important to ensure that you are simply aware of your third eye area, and not trying too hard to focus.

Properly attained concentration makes you feel slight vibrations or have a tingling sensation on that area, implying that the third eye chakra is activating! The intensity of vibration or pressure doesn’t make any difference though.

 Interesting Facts About the Third Eye Chakra

1. The Third Eye Chakra Can Help Discover Life’s Purpose

We all know that our souls enter this world with specific aims and depend a lot on learning for spiritual growth. While we may normally find it difficult to set goals in life, our higher selves are always aware of the souls’ purposes; only we need to awaken the third eye chakra to make it all happen naturally. To make it simpler, it takes focus and awareness for one to get in touch with their higher self and find out the ultimate purpose of life!

 Interesting Facts About the Third Eye Chakra

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