6 Inspirational Stories Of Successful Entrepreneurs

10:18 am 19 Aug, 2013

Cinderella stories are liked by one and all for the reason they end up on a happy note. But, it takes a Herculean effort by a protagonist (a real person) to come out in winning colors facing all odds. Same is the tale of an entrepreneur who has to invent the wheel right from the word scratch in order to be counted among the successful few. Here are 6 inspirational stories of successful entrepreneurs.

6. Jamshedji Tata:

If success were to be defined in terms of pure visionary strength and honest capitalistic acumen, Ratanji Tata from India can perhaps stand with only few other guys from across the world. The vision of this great man stands different from the others for the simple reason when the sycophants of the Britishers were busy licking feet of the foreign rulers, he was thinking about effecting a change in the nation by employing as many people as possible in his companies. The dream he initiated with limited resources and in the environment of constant fear of the British colonizers, has been accomplished now with TATA group of companies employing more than four lakh people in India.

Jamshedji Tata

5. Dhirubhai Ambani:

From selling  ‘pakoras’ to working on a gas station in Yemen, this Gujarati business man  is one among very few real time entrepreneurs who changed the way Indians thought about themselves. His is a true story of ‘rags to riches.’ The man who worked at Rs 300/ month at one point in time returned India to start the existing Reliance Corporation with a mere capital of Rs 15,000. He started with a one room flat in Mumbai to reach the South Mumbai circle within no time. His is the story in Indian context where someone openly defied the nanny-socialism with a sword of capitalism, despite being born into an almost poor family. His flexible temperament teaches a thing or two to the aspiring entrepreneurs of the present age.

Dhirubhai Ambani

4. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw:

The incumbent Chairman & Managing Director of Biocon Limited Technology, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw acts as a torch bearer for the female population of the country. Her example is all the more singular for those who dream each night of building huge empires in the time to come, but lose hope the next day in wake of empty pockets. The lady started her own company with biotechnology in the garage of her rented house in Bangalore where nothing other than IT services were seen with the sight of respect in the city. She was mocked, grilled and often asked to quit and find a secure job somewhere or deliver babies and sit at home cooking meals for her husband. Other than that no bank was ready to fund her and she was finding trouble recruiting people as well. The term biotechnology was too alien for Indians of the time. Although, she receives funding to begin a start up but it was only in 2004 that company’s IPO was launched which was subscribed 32 times and provided her actual funding to carry out the R&D work.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

3. Mark Zuckerberg:

The 27 years old technology geek who like other Americans mentioned in the list is a college drop-out is founder of Facebook, the famous social networking site. He is known to run a company almost used by half a billion people across the world.  The ‘boy genius’ as he was titled by the TIME magazine in 2010, started working on the project from his college dorm at a tender age of 19. As the story goes that is also well established through the movie and documentary done on him by the filmmakers, Mark developed the social networking interface just to spy on his girlfriend at Harvard. The guy even fought a long and tense battle with other contenders who claimed they have a say in the product and had to even seek to effect out of court settlement to let the company come out in its present face. The guy is credited with real revolution in the field of online technology after Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Mark Zuckerberg

2. Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs was a born genius. He saw it all in his small life – born to an unwed mother, adopted by a childless couple, enrolled in college, couldn’t complete his college for want of funds, slept on floor, sold empty coke bottles to buy some food, and the best of all visited the Hare Krishna Temple at Sunday night – not for the Almighty, but to have some good food. You name it and he has all the sequences of a typical Bollywood flick. Still, he went ahead and formed one of the most reputed electronics major, Apple. However, the story doesn’t end here – there is a twist in the tale when Jobs was kicked out of his own corporation. But, he started a new one in the name of NEXTStep (also worked on Pixar for sometime) but it didn’t fare too well in the market. It was in 1996 that he returned to Apple when the firm was facing intense pressure from Microsoft in 1996. And it was he (or his iPhone) that did the trick for the company which is standing head high, even when  the champion is no more.

Steve Jobs

1. Bill Gates:

Every brain break is a luxury when you are in sight of building up something that doesn’t find mention in the already existing record books. It takes innovative acumen to craft up something new but to entirely alter the way the regular human minds think – it takes a genius. Such is the intellect of this Harvard dropout and of course the envy of almost every man on this Earth for his boundless wealth, Microsoft Corporation founder Bill Gates has his own inspiring story to share. It was in 1973 that he joined Harvard, but his interest was inclined towards computers. He worked whole night on computers and slept the whole day during classes. A turning point came in his life when he along with his friend Allen boasted in front of MITS management that they had developed a program named BASIC that could be run on their machine named Altair. When called by the management, they hadn’t yet written a code for such program. But, the young guns worked and burnt the midnight oil to actually come up with one such program. Later he along with programmer friend dropped out of college to form an organization of their own when they became assured the world’s real software market has taken birth.

Bill Gates


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