6 Ideas To Ensure Safety For Women In Delhi

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Updated on 21 Apr, 2015 at 1:41 pm


Everyday news of women becoming victim of molestation, rape, kidnapping, stalking, eve teasing and violence is daunting for a Delhi resident, such as me. Are we ever going to freely walk on roads without bothering about who is following us or dress up like we desire, without worrying about who will pass a lecherous remark anytime? The answer to this lies not only in how we deal with such situations but also how the system needs to change to make the city fearless for us.

Let’s have a look at changes if adapted, could be a step towards a safe city for us:

6. Easily accessible public transport

All public transport should be in reach so that women don’t fall prey to taking lift in private buses or from passerby’s. Some bus stops are situated in remote areas or less accessible roads, these places should be surrounded with hawkers or shops so that at no point a woman is alone. Next time you come across an autowala denying you a ride or acting fussy, call 1095 and place a complaint, so that no other person gets to face the same trouble.

public transport

5. Subway Safety


Subways meant for safety might not turn out to be that safe for women. To avoid incidents either subway should have a watch guard or more traffic lights should be introduced to easily cross busy roads. The number of footbridges in Delhi is limited; increasing them could pose as a boon for women pedestrians.

Subway Safety

4. SOS Applications

Many SOS mobile applications have been introduced lately where women in danger can connect with their family and friends and inform them of their whereabouts. These easily downloadable apps are a must in a woman’s smartphone. Some popular apps are bSafe, Circleof6, Fightback, SOS whistle & many more.

SOS Applications

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3. Self Defense

There is no harm in learning a few tricks to tackle a messy situation. Many self defense classes are being held around to teach women effective techniques. If you don’t have the time to personally attend such classes, you can visit websites which teach basic steps to defend one.

Female self defense

2. Neighborhood Watch

We are fascinated with gossiping about what our neighbors do. Its time you voice it too. Organize neighborhood watch groups in your locality to raise an alarm when a crime is being committed. These simple steps, if taken can help someone in distress.

Neighborhood Watch

1. Be the change


The next time you see someone passing a comment on a woman or harassing her, don’t stop yourself from giving him a piece of your mind. Becoming vigilant does one no harm. Call women’s helpline no. 1091 and inform the police of what you have witnessed. Remember, if you want the change you have to become the change first.

be the change

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