6 Fast Paced Indian Cities

9:34 am 16 Nov, 2013

The fast paced life in Indian cities is the result of economic growth and unprecedented shift of population to these concrete jungles. Here everyone considers their time to be more precious than yours, as they jostle past you, without even giving you a second look. India is home nearly 11 cities which figure in the list of 100 fastest growing cities in the world. A little known city of past, Faridabad, now stands on number 6 in the list. The fast paced city life comes with array of benefits on one hand and quite some disadvantages on other. Here is the list of 6 fast paced Indian cities which are going through a population boom.

6. Pune:

The home of Bajaj Industries and an IT hub, Pune is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Popularly known as ‘India’s Motor City’ Pune has benefitted greatly due to its close proximity to Mumbai. Apart from the traditional industries which are growing with the economy of the city, it is also home to new upcoming industries which are attracting migrants from not only all over the nation, but also from foreign land. The city has 6th highest per capita income in India.

6 Fast Paced Indian Cities

5. Faridabad:

The recent economic, real estate and industrial growth has cannoned Faridabad among the fastest growing cities not only in India but also in the world. The geographical location of the city gives it a great advantage. Starting from the end of the 1990s, the real estate prices have sky-rocketed due to developing residential areas. The city along with Gurgaon generates a wallop 50% income tax for the whole state of Haryana. Emerging as the preferred destination for investors from all over the world, Faridabad is projected as the India’s city of the decade 2011-21.

6 Fast Paced Indian Cities

4. New Delhi:

Being the national capital of fast developing country like India, New Delhi has both economic and political advantage over other cities in India. The fast paced life is not new to New Delhi, a city that has been continuously inhabited since the 6th century BC; serving as a capital of many kingdoms and empires in its lifetime. The flourishing economy has catapulted Delhi as the city with highest per capita income in India as of 2013. The numerous malls and MNC projects is changing the city from being just the political capital into an economic capital as well. Unfortunately, the once famous nightlife of Delhi, especially enjoyed by the youngsters, is now dubious following many uneventful happenings which have questioned the safety of the citizens in the city.

6 Fast Paced Indian Cities

3. Hyderabad:

The 20th century has seen Hyderabad emerge as a tough competitor for highly developed cities in India, including the metro cities. With the emergence of IT industry’s special economic zones, the city has attracted investors on global scale. The various pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have given the city the title of ‘Genome Valley’. Today, Hyderabad is ranked fifth in contributing to national GDP with an estimated output of INR 4700 billion. Further development in the area will be seen following the launch of Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) near Hyderabad, a project which is expected to attract investment to the tune of INR2.19 lakh crore. One of the most popular Indian cities to get lost in, Hyderabad has shed its laid back traditional appearance to adorn a new cosmopolitan industrial service centre role with a life that is so fast, it is leaving people breathless.

6 Fast Paced Indian Cities


2. Bangalore:

With migrants thronging the city, life in Bangalore has gained such a pace that people have to run to be in the same spot. Along with Hyderabad, Bangalore has helped India emerge as one of the most promising IT exports country in the world. Ranked third among the most populated cities in India, Bangalore is the most rapidly growing metropolis the country. The flourishing IT industry in Bangalore has given it the name ‘Silicon Valley of India’. Forbes magazine considers Bangalore as one of the “Next Decade’s Fastest-Growing Cities”. The city is home to two major companies, Infosys and Biocon.

6 Fast Paced Indian Cities

1. Mumbai:

Mumbai is a city which is always on move. The city that never sleeps is known for its fast paced life which has changed destinies of many people in a short period of time. Mumbai being the hub of Sensex or the Bombay Stock Exchange, many big businesses and Bollywood; money and fame plays a big role in the lives of people here. No wonder that the Alpha City is not just the wealthiest city in India; moreover it has the highest GDP in all of the Asian regions excluding East Asia.

Fast Paced Indian Cities

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