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6 Most Famous Indian Room Heater Brands

Updated on 8 July, 2016 at 11:27 am By

The summers might be a tad bit difficult to tolerate in India but winters do allow us to have our feel of the shivers and quivers. How best to beat the cold during winters on our skin than to invest in a comforting room heater? They prevent you from feeling the extreme chill in few areas in India and also make the temperature inside the room warm and comfortable. While air-conditioners are the ones which sell like hot-cakes, room heaters do not lag far behind when Indian brands are to be considered. Here are six of those Indian Brands which provide you with the best facilities you could ask for:



6. Bajaj Room Heaters

An ISI Certified product, Bajaj provides you with many models from which you can choose. All are compact in size and have a metallic mesh like surface on the outside with a reflector made of Nickel. It is easy to carry and you can place in any room of your choice. Bajaj is a renowned Indian brand and you will not make a mistake by investing on its products. At affordable rates, Bajaj room heaters are among the best in the Indian brands category.


5. Usha Room Heaters

An Indian brand which will never let you down is good old Usha. Indians are well aware of the brand Usha and prefer it more than foreign brands for certain appliances. Among a wide range of products, Usha makes one of the best room heaters available in India. It has a structure which makes it identifiable from the rest within which many models are made. A handle is provided to the long heater which allows for easy portability. It is also ISI Certified and has a durable reflector. A wide angle oscillation is unique to it.


4. Havells Room Heaters

Havells India Ltd. is a billion dollar-plus Indian company which manufactures a wide range of domestic products, room heaters being one of them. At affordable prices these heaters are great on looks and performances. Its sleek design makes it very portable. It has a PTC ceramic element for heating and double safety providing over heating protection. It also has three comfort settings unique to it. Also the wall mounting arrangement helps you to fix it in any position of your choice. You will be able to choose from many models. The heaters of Havells are worth a buy.


3. Khaitan Room Heaters

You have heard of Khaitan fans but this famous Indian brand also produces a range of other products like room heaters. A highly dependable brand in India, Khaitan offers room heaters which might be slightly more expensive than the rest but high on quality. Its stylish looks and performance are worthy of boasting. The most important feature is that it operates on very low noise. Apart from that they provide you with unique features like that if the three-heat setting, an adjustable thermostat and protection from getting over heated. Very environment friendly, it has four small wheels fixed under it which makes it easy to carry throughout your house to any location of your choice.


2. Nova Room Heaters

Nova is among the best Indian brands manufacturing home appliances apart from room heaters. They offer a wide range of models where each has some special feature or the other. You can choose according to your choice of room heater. Some have two-heat settings and auto thermal cut off while some have protection from overheating and safety ceramic covering. You will also be offered fan-heaters which have superb oscillation function along with thermostat cut-off and advanced heating technology. All you need to do is select the one that suits you and your room.


1. Maharaja Room Heaters

Maharaja is also a very well-known Indian brand. The Maharaja Whiteline range of room heaters are at par with the best available in the market. There are many models in this section from which you can choose. Easy on the pocket they are a steal with the stylish designs and shapes. While sharing most of the features found in the room heaters of the other brands this sure makes a beautiful sight at a corner of your room in the winters. Also an ISI Certified product, it is the good old halogen heater which changes according to the changes in the temperature of the room.



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