6 Most Famous Alumni Of Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

11:00 pm 9 Aug, 2014

Living up to its motto of “Overcome Evil with Good” -Bishop Cotton School, Shimlahas been a remarkable epitome of a strong education. Founded on July 28, 1859, by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton,this imperial institute is one of the oldest boarding schools in Asia.

Bishop Cotton School has been consistently ranked amongst the top-most and best residential schools in India by leading national newspapers and magazines, including The Times of India and Outlook.

According to a survey commissioned by the Educational World Magazine, this imperial institution was ranked as the India’s Fourth Most Respected Boarding Schools for the year 2010. Bishop Cotton School is proud to have produced some of the most celebrated and highest decorated Indian army officers, state heads, judges, ambassadors, defense officers, entrepreneurs and politicians. Let’s take a look:

6. Kumar Gaurav

Born to a Punjabi speaking Tuli family, Kumar Gaurav is the son of Shukla and legendary Bollywood super-star Rajendra Kumar. Kumar was educated at the esteemed Bishop Cotton School.Once he completed his education, Rajendra launched him in “Love Story” as the lead actor in the year 1981. The movie was not only a big success, but it catapulted him fame overnight. He later got married to Namrata Dutt, daughter of Bollywood mega-star, Sunil Dutt. Shortly after that, the duo became parents of two daughters – Siya and Saachi.

Famous Alumni Of Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

5. Lalit Modi

The founder and architect of the Indian Premier League, Lalit Modi joined Bishop Cotton School in Shimla, in 1971. Modi is known to have been an excellent sportsman. He took an activepart in numerous sports activities in school, including cricket. He is best remembered as a fighter at school even today. To stay dignified and unfazed and to ‘act like a man’ is something he learnt at Bishop Cotton School and the way he conducted himself during the entire duration of IPL finals, certainly reveled that he has retained his school lessons quite well, all through these years.

Famous Alumni Of Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

4. Tarsem Singh

The famous Indian-American director, Tarsem Singh, who has worked with numerous films, commercials and music videos, is a proud alumni of Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. He was born in Jalandhar to a Punjabi Sikh family. He began his career by directing music videos, including R.E.M’s smash hit “Losing My Religion”, “Sweet Lullaby” by Deep Forest, “Hold On” by En Vogue and many more. Tarsem also won the Best Video Award during the MTV Video Music Awards, in the year 1991 for “Losing My Religion”. His feature film directional debut, “The Cell” starred pop star, Jennifer Lopez. In 2003, he directed one of the most elaborated Pepsi commercials till date.

Famous Alumni Of Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

3. Jeev Milkha Singh

The highest ranked Indian golfer in the world, Jeev Milkha Singh was the first to break into the list of top 100 golfers in the year 2006. Indian professional golfer, he was the first Indian player to have joined the European Tour in the year 1998. Jeev was born in Chandigarh to Nirmal Kaur and Indian Olympic athlete, Milkha Singh. He was educated at the prestigious Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. Singh’s first professional win came in the year 1993 at the Southern Oklahoma State Open. Singh then played in Asia where he was the constant winner all through mid – 1990’s.

Famous Alumni Of Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

2. Ruskin Bond

One of the greatest Indian authors of English language, Ruskin Bond is also a proud alumni of Bishop Cotton School. Renowned as a celebrated children’s story writer, Bond was famous in his school as a great writer, debater and athlete. Although, he was a pretty average student, his writing talent was recognized in 1948, after he won the Anderson Essay Prize. In fact, he created history by winning the same award for three consecutive years. Bond’s name is also inscribed in the literary and academic Hall of Fame of the school. Apart from writing, he has also won numerous medals and trophies for hisdexterity in goal-keeping in this school’s football team. On the national front, Ruskin Bond has won a number of awards including, Sahitya Academy Award (1992), Padma Shri (1991), Padma Bhushan (2014).

Famous Alumni Of Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

1. Virbhadra Singh

Hon’ble Chief Ministerof Himachal Pradesh and scion of erstwhile royal state ofRampur Bushehar, Shri Virbhadra Singh is the proud alumni of Bishop Cotton School. He has successfully held several national political offices and has previously served as the CM of Himachal Pradesh between 1983 and 85; 1985 and 90; 1993 and 1998, 2003 and 2007, 2012 to present. Shri Virbhadra Singh was born on June 23, 1934 at Sarahan. He got married to Pratibha Singh in the year 1985 and is the proud father of four daughters and a son.

Famous Alumni Of Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

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