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6 Most Expensive Homes In The World

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 3:21 pm By

Every wondered what if you were one of the richest natives in the world? How would your dream home look like? And where would you build it? What kind of interiors will it have? Most of us are indeed obsessed with celebrity homes and mansions of the richest citizens of the world. We really want to know the names of the fortunate ones who own the world’s richest houses and why they choose to build them in particular cities and towns, and sometime islands and mountains.


From a room dedicated to the creative side of gift wrapping to heat flooring systems, these houses have got it all. This list features 6 most expensive homes in the world which are surely going to keep you awe-struck!

6. Franchuk Villa, Kensington, UK worth $161 Million

The most expensive house according to the prevailing market price, Franchuk Villa is located in Central London in Belgravia area. Victorian styled house, the property comprises of 6 floors with exuberant 20 feet ceilings.

Franchuk Villa, Kensington

The house is loaded with luxury amenities including private cinemas, gym, swimming pool in the basement and also a news room which is spread across 21,000 sq/feet of living area. A large garage space is also available in the area. Owned by Musa Salem, Lebanon developer, this magnificent property is now up for sale.


5. Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills, US worth $165 Million

The US newspaper tycoon – William Randolph Hearst – was the proud owner of this magnanimous property. However, the house was later sold to Leonard Ross who was a lawyer and investor by profession in the year 1976.


 Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills

Spread across 6 hectare of land, the house is situated in the renowned platinum triangle neighborhood in the Beverly Hills. The property comprises of 6 different residences, 29 bedrooms, 8 fireplaces, 3 swimming pools, a night club and a tennis court.


4. Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons, US Worth $170 Million

Ira Rennert is the owner of this beautiful property. Spread across 63 acres of ground, Fairfield Pond is the largest residential complex in The United Sates. The striking features of the property include a private bowling alley and a hot tub costing $ 150,000.

Fairfield Pond

The houses comprises of twenty nine bedrooms, thirty nine bathrooms and five tennis courts.


3. The Penthouse, London, UK worth $ 200 Million

Sky rocketing prices is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about London. However, this £6,000 per sq/ft apartment is sure to shock even the most veteran of real estate agents. Situated in Hyde Park, The Penthouse is the world’s most expensive flat.

The Penthouse, London

The property offers superlative views of Central London and is well equipped with its very own car parking along with numerous squash courts and spas. If that was not enough, the place has its own wine tasting rooms. Plus the apartment is guarded by plush security features including, iris scanners, bulletproof windows and also a panic room.


2. Villa Leopolda, Cote D’Azur, France worth $506 Million

The magnificent 80,000 square feet of estate – Villa Leopolda is located on the French Riviera and is spread over 2 guest houses in over 20 acres of land. The most attractive feature of this villa is its private beachfront which is by far the most stunning beachfront in the south of France.

 Villa Leopolda

Leopolda comprises of 14 bathrooms and 11 bedrooms along with magnanimous gardens with innumerable olives, lemon and cypress trees and a beautiful swimming pool. The outstanding house was originally build for the King of Leopold from Belgia, but was later bought by Edmund Safra. The property was later rumored to be sold to Bill Gates along then Gianni Agnelli along with a Russian Tycoon.


1. Antilla, Mumbai, India worth $ 1 Billion

Owned by the fifth richest man in the world – Mukesh Ambani – Antilla is referred to as the modern Taj Mahal of this era. This property stands as the no. 1 among the most expensive homes in the world. The 40,000 sq/feet house is loaded with exceptional features including a private helipad, health care centre, swimming pool, yoga studio, Krishna temple, library and bar. In short the place has all the luxuries of life at the convenience of its owners.

Antilla, Mumbai

The most striking feature of this property is that every individual floor is distinct different from the other in terms of materials used and plans. To accommodate his exquisite collection of 168 cars, Mukesh Ambani has completely dedicated about 6 floors just for the parking of these cars!




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