6 Everyday Activities That Release Endorphins

Updated on 26 Jun, 2018 at 1:41 pm

Anything that can trigger the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones of the brain, can lift our mood. Certain actions, odors and foods often do the job. Interestingly, feelings and experiences such as crying, laughing, excitement, falling in love, eating spicy foods and risky and adventurous activities also cause these chemicals to secrete. The feel endorphins grant is simply awesome and we want that state of natural high to last a little longer every time!

Here are 6 everyday activities that naturally release endorphins:

6. Savoring Chocolates:

All chocolate lovers will find it intriguing to learn that dark chocolate can release endorphins in a natural manner. Dark chocolates are rich in chemicals that our bodies find quite easy to convert into Phenylethylamine (PEA), a chemical that is released in high concentration during falling in love. Also, there are certain other chemicals in dark chocolate that ensure regular secretion of endorphins which prompt bodily pleasure and relieve pain in the body.

The scientists and dietitians, however, suggest that PEA content in dark chocolates is too low to have any direct effect on our body, and that it is due to serotonin, the chemical released because of the pleasurable feeling of eating something tasty, that we feel good.

6 Everyday Activities That Release Endorphins

5. Laughing Heartedly:

That’s already a well-known fact that collapsing into jovial laughter keeps any kind tension and ailments at bay. Various practical evidences prove that laughter functions as inner jogging and helps decrease stress hormones, lower blood pressure and improve immune system by increasing the level of cells that fight any type of infection.

More importantly, regular laughing accelerates the production of endorphins that work as natural painkillers and give a genuine sense of wellbeing. Giggling keeps us energetic throughout the day, helps us have a better perspective and common problems of regular life seem to vanish over time!

6 Everyday Activities That Release Endorphins

4. Routine Gyming:

Nothing can be as big a stress-buster as exercises and it is true that group exercise always has something distinct and advantageous to it. Joining a health club can be a great idea, for when in group, we tend to workout with all our honesty and shared efforts have been found to boost endorphin levels in the body.

When exercising regularly on daily basis, you’ll notice increased levels of beta-endorphins in blood that can heighten mood. Routine practice of cardiovascular workouts such as cycling, running and swimming is one of the most effective ways to boost the release of endorphins in the body.

6 Everyday Activities That Release Endorphins

3. Sniffing Some Vanilla:

Certain aromas have been found to surprisingly stimulate the release of our brain’s feel-good chemicals to sooth our minds. The amazing scent of vanilla is a tested remedy against anxiety that is caused by depression in most of the cases. You can boost endorphin levels in your body by mixing vanilla essential oil in your bathwater and lighting vanilla-scented candles around you when studying or having meals.

You can also inhale the scent of lavender oil to reduce depression and cure insomnia. Another effective way is to disperse lavender oil in the air or apply it on your temples before sleeping during nights.

6 Everyday Activities That Release Endorphins

2. Having Acupuncture:

Another effective way many physicians recommend to increase the production of endorphins is the ancient technique of acupuncture which, in fact, serves the purpose in the best manner possible. The technique uses needles to gently pierce the skin which in response relaxes our nervous system to ease the pain.

During the procedure, the needles are placed on specific body parts and gently moved after regular intervals of time in order to heighten the effect and promote the production of endorphin. In most cases, patients expecting positive results showed profound improvements compared to skeptical ones.

6 Everyday Activities That Release Endorphins

1. Having Sex:

Since our bodies are naturally programmed to respond greatly to the emotion of sex (doubtless the strongest of all emotions!), we feel completely relaxed after enjoying the natural high that comes along with the nature’s greatest relaxant. Even though one’s desire may go inert because of anxiety and stress, nothing beats lovemaking when it comes to endorphin production!

It is only during intercourse that we feel wholly light-headed and the body produces the highest amounts of Phenylethylamine (PEA), the chemical that heightens the mood the same way as amphetamines. And orgasm is the very point where our bodies explode into the most extreme physical contractions that eventually lead to the release of various hormones and substances in the brain. The most important chemicals of these elements are, of course, beta-endorphins, the real feel-good factor that functions as a painkiller and offers us lasting warmth and relaxation.