6 Emotional Thank You Speeches Ever Given

11:40 am 11 Dec, 2013


We admire our favorite sportsmen, politicians and celebrities for their extraordinary approach and achievements. These people whom we think highly of learn all major lessons of their lives from the area of work they are into including losing, winning, joy, failure and above all, patience. Their professions help them understand the true meanings of traits such as teamwork, modesty, hard work and selflessness. Their true emotions come out when they address their fans in public, be it during award ceremonies or at a time when they hang up their boots to announce their retirement! Let’s know about the 6 emotional and highly impressive thank you speeches ever given.

6. Brett Favre:

Though this celebrated soccer player was able to come out of his retirement quite quickly, still his thank you speech was something to remember, probably one of the most touching speeches ever. He was not able to decide on his retirement for a long time and gave an impromptu speech after finally changing his mind. He was always proud to share that he had given all that could to the great game of football and the organization he served throughout his career. It was hard, he had said, for him to believe that it was all over and wondered if it was a wrong decision.

5. Michael Irvin:

It was because of his bad-boy image that most people didn’t like this former football player from America. He was often found involved in on and off-field mess and maintained his image as an arrogant man throughout his time with the NFL. However, all his fans and critics were amazed to feel respect for him on hearing his heartfelt speech during his Hall of Fame induction. While he talked about time on the field, mistakes and memories, the brash guy allowed tears to roll down his cheeks! The last few minutes of his speech moved anyone and everyone who heard him.


4. Halle Berry:

The Hollywood actress bagged Oscar Monster’s Ball in the year 2002 and caused the audience to get emotional. While Halle gladly accepted the honor in Best Actress category, she created a stir by openly sharing her thoughts about the kind of historical and remarkable impact a black actress winning Oscar for Best Actress could have. Emotionally excited and moved, she dedicated the award to her peers and the audience cheered for her with as great emotion and excitement as hers!

3. Lou Gehrig:

While it is true that not everybody can show optimism and strength in the face of hardship, we’ll always remember Lou Gehrig as the biggest exception in that case. 4th July of the year 1939 was declared Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day after the retirement speech of the basketball legend during a New York Yankees game!  Lou took retirement from the game after he was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Despite the bad break, this six-time champion of World Series still considered himself to be the luckiest man on earth while addressing his fans with all his sincerity!

2. Muhammad Ali:

One of the greatest athletes ever on earth, Muhammad Ali was both a legendary boxer and a self-promoter. People always admired him for his intelligent lines and quotations that would come impulsively during interviews. His was one of the most zealous retirement speeches of all time and the world accepted it with all its heart. The young and energetic Heavyweight Champion reminded us all that life is short and we don’t have much time to prove ourselves. And that his ultimate wish after retiring from boxing was to prepare himself for his meeting with God. People were shocked to learn something that bright from a guy who dedicated his life to a brutish profession like boxing!

1. Sachin Tendulkar:

Sachin Tendulkar, often referred to as ‘The God of Cricket,’ ended his dazzling 24-year cricketing career with one of the world’s most emotional farewell speeches ever! Though it was obviously a tough moment for Sachin to speak on such an occasion, the legend sportsman emptied his heart in front of countless awestruck admirers at Wankhede Stadium, his home ground in Mumbai. The 40-year-old looked unknowingly honest while pronouncing his life between 22 yards for glorious 22 years as a wonderful journey that was coming to an end. While he thanked all his teammates for being supportive and coaches for their guidance, he openly confessed that it was going to be difficult to live without cricket. The world had never witnessed a cricket player kissing the pitch the way master blaster did in his 200th match before saying goodbye to cricket!


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