6 Electronic Devices You Can Control With Your Thought

Updated on 26 Dec, 2013 at 5:38 pm


Ever since SIRI was introduced on the iPhone, voice controlled gadgets has been one of the most pioneering technologies. Come 2013, voice controlling your gadgets seems so archaized. Brain controlling your gadgets is the new age of technology.  In not so distant future you may be able to control functions on your smartphone, tablet or even that video game you play simply with your thought. Most of the experimental gadgets that are making it to the fore require the use of head-mounted EEG sensor. Although, brain controlled devices are still in their infancy, BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) technology is gaining traction in the consumer electronics market. The power to move objects or control things in the virtual world with the power of the mind is an experience to savor, which is slowly becoming the future. There are a few serious iterations of Brain Computer Interface while there are a few humorous ones, simple because the world of science and technology is still new to the concept of brain control. How amazing does it sound to be able to launch an app, lower or increase the brightness and volume on your smartphone or tablet with your brain, or simply shooting your enemy down at a mere thought in the most intriguing game. Are you ready for the future? For your convenience and understanding, we have listed below 6 electronic devices which are already created and you can control with your thought.

6. NeuroSky MindSet:

MindSet is a $199 headset from NeuroSky, which is a standard Bluetooth headset with built in Mic suitable for making Skype calls. In addition to this, the EEG Headset is also a gaming controller, which helps monitor brainwaves in order to use them in carrying out various actions which a game. This is possible courtesy a simple brain wave monitor app. MindSet is accompanied with a developer kit that allows programmers to devise amazing MindSet-driven software.

NeuroSky MindSet

5. Star Wars Science Force Trainer:

Star Wars Science Force Trainer by Uncle Milton is a toy game for now, which lets you control a Jedi Training remote with your mind. The $35 toy includes a wireless headset, ping pong ball and a plastic tube attached to a fan beneath. The wearer of the headset is required to concentrate – the harder a person concentrates, the brain activity turns up the fan which blows the ping pong ball up the tube. The idea is to get the ball up to the highest point. It’s all about concentration here, so when you get down to playing Star Wars Science Force Trainer make sure your mind is clear and you’re all good to concentrate to the fullest.

Star Wars Science Force Trainer

4. DARPA’s Prosthetic Arm:

One thing we personal like science and technology is that it give humans with disabilities a new hope in life. The DARPA’s prosthetic arm is one fine example. The Pentagon’s mad science agency’s arm tends to take on the real arm; it allows the wearer control it with his/her thoughts. This arm is a good alternative to prosthetic arm which allows the wearer to regain their motor skills and independence.

DARPA’s Prosthetic Arm

3. InteraXon MUSE:

$165 headband called the Muse by InteraXon measures a person’s brain activity in real time and then displays the same on to the smartphone or tablet. The headband has four EEG sensors built-in to monitor brain waves. For now the Muse is in its infancy, but the makers ultimately want to allow the Muse to control iPhone and Android devices with the brain.

InteraXon MUSE

2. Orbit Helicopter:

Brain controller helicopter is one of the biggest phenomenons in the BCI technologies. It is a Jedi-style helicopter that you can control with your brain waves by wearing a simple Brain Computer Interface headset. To control the $149 orbit helicopter, which looks like a helicopter for Leonardo Da Vinci’s ear, user needs to wear a NeuroSky Mindwave headset, which allows the user to soar the baby in the sky with brain power alone.

Orbit Helicopter

1. Emotiv EPOC:


If you intend to use the power of thought to control your devices, then Emotiv EPOC can help you with that. Emotiv EPOC isn’t simply about computer interface; it is far more than that. EPOC is able to control on screen characters in the game, or can be used in an electrical application – say a wheelchair, to drive it with thought. Priced at $299 Emotiv EPOC is by far the most serious Brain Computer Interface device available for consumers. The headset contains 16 points of contact, which gain perfection when dipped in saline water before use.

Emotiv EPOC

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