6 Deadly Effects Of Over Thinking

7:46 am 1 Nov, 2013

Thinking is a gift to mankind, which has enabled him to function with ideas and concepts. Thinking helps us to reason, judge, make decisions and form our opinion. Unfortunately, with the gift of thinking, we are also burdened with the curse of over thinking; which is considered to be one of the deadliest activities of our mind. It is a process where a person persistently mulls over thoughts from past or about some event that may or may not happen in future. Over thinking leads to a condition of analysis paralysis, which hinders choice making to such an extent, that the required action is never taken. The habit of over-analyzing or over thinking not only affects a person emotionally and mentally but also physically, often leading to psychosomatic disorders. This list of 6 deadly effects of over thinking is just the tip of iceberg, as they are many other underlying problems related to this menace which are specific to individual situations.

6. A tunnel with no light in the end:

Over thinking leads you into a dark tunnel which has no light in the end causing emotional pain, guilt and trauma. Often, people who over think ask themselves questions about the past like, “Why did that happen to me?” “Why did I not act differently?” or about future, “What if it happens?” and many more without looking for answers. Often they are questions with a dead end which do not require any answer. Without coming up with an answer or solution, the process can go on and on, like a vicious cycle.

6 Deadly Effects Of Over Thinking

5. Opportunities Lost:

Over thinkers come up with situations in their mind that are either existent or non-existent; creating a scene where they are helpless to face it or not in control to manage it appropriately. They spend more time thinking desperately about the problem, which if tackled fittingly would be solved in much lesser time. The fear created by over analyzing the situation prevents them from taking action. Numerous opportunities are lost due to over thinking where as a quick response would have led to success. Unfortunately, opportunities lost add a question “Why did I not act on time?” to the over thinking mind.

6 Deadly Effects Of Over Thinking

4. Leads to anxiety and depression:

The impending doom created in the mind of over thinker will lead to GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), panic attacks and depression. With over analyzing and looking at a situation from every possible angle that could go wrong or went wrong already, the person ends up eyeing every person or situation as a threat. In order to overcome the anxiety, fear or depression they often end up taking refuge in unhealthy lifestyle which will lead to more worry in future.

6 Deadly Effects Of Over Thinking

3. Over thinkers end up being pessimist and unhappy:

Earlier it was considered that people who thoroughly think over the problems make better decisions and stay happy. Unfortunately, recent studies have found that over thinking impairs decision making ability, hinders rational thoughts, thwarts problem solving actions, leads to negativity and makes a person unhappy. Over thinkers lose their ability to look at the silver lining in the cloud, and end up as pessimists who see nothing but problems in their lives.

6 Deadly Effects Of Over Thinking

2. Causes Insomnia:

When you are mulling over something in your mind over and over again, it is difficult to even nod off, leave alone getting relaxed or peaceful sleep. Pondering over one thing leads to another, past events are visualized, the pain suffered in the past is re-experienced and future similar happenings are re-enacted in the mind as a person lays there on the bed. With no one to interpret their thoughts, the drama continues till wee hours in the morning, when sheer tiredness overtakes to bring on sleep. The pattern continues night after night leading to physical and mental disorders associated with chronic insomnia.

6 Deadly Effects Of Over Thinking

1. Complicates life:

Children do not have many complications in their lives, because they have not yet developed ability to over think. Over thinking converts every mole hill into a mountain, which you can never climb. A child will happily skip over the mole hill to move ahead. Over thinking not only complicates life, it steals life itself at times. Thinking can never replace action; hence, no matter how much you worry or think over something, nothing is going to change. As a person is wasting away time thinking things over and over again, life is slowly slipping away.

6 Deadly Effects Of Over Thinking


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