6 Cute Indian Television Actresses Who’ve Got Super Cunning Roles

6:00 pm 11 Mar, 2014


How much do we love to hate them, but have you thought about how boring our lives would be without them? Yes, they are the hot vamps on television who scheme and plot all day only to be defeated by the protagonist. But without their cunningness nothing would have been dishy on the television. They are bad, but some of them are really cute. Come to think of it, the cutest ones are sometimes cast as the vamps. Here is a list of 5 of the beautiful television actresses who play the roles of the villain:

6. Urvashi Dholakia

Name vamps and the only name that comes on everybody’s mouth is Urvashi Dholakia, the vamp in Kasautii Zindagii Kay. She is one cute lady who was better cast as the vamp rather than the protagonist. We can never imagine her in a doting housewife role where she would have lost on her fan following. The role ‘Komolika’ was the one which brought her into the spotlights. Although she is not seen much these days, but her cute looks along with the way she played a vamp is something most of us will never forget.


5. Seema Mishra


Dips, as we know Seema Mishra on screen, is the cunning and scheming lady in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. She plays the role of a rich housewife who is busy trying to spoil the lives of the two protagonists. Although she is quite vicious and harmful on the screen, her cute looks are a bother. She does look really good in her styled up hair and striking red lips. Look at her without the traces of her character and she is super cute.

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4. Pavitra Punia

She is the super stylish villain in the daily soap Hongey Judaa Na Hum. Pavitra Punia is better known as Anushka who is the schemer and player in the soap. The way she dresses up matches her character too well. Her glamorous avatar and the one-sided hairstyle is something she spends time on doing and that is also her special point. She is one of he cutest TV actresses who are cast in negative rolls which forbid them to be loved whole-heartedly.

6 Cute Indian Television Actresses

3. Adaa Khan

She is probably the hottest vamp on the television right now. Adaa Khan plays the role of Amrit in Amrit Manthan. Her scenes on this daily soap are the ones with the highest TRPs. Her appearance itself is the game-changer. She wears beautiful flowing Anarkalis and transparent sarees which grab a great deal of attention. Her outfits are all designed to accentuate her beautiful figure and that adds oomph to the meanness in her character. She is one of the cutest women on television, however bad.


2. Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur is better known as Anamika in the daily soap of the same name. Many claim that she is far better in terms of looks than the protagonist. She too dresses up in an otherwise elegant manner. She is also the young bubbly girl but with a streak of violence everywhere. She too has blood red lips and kohled eyes and a nail-paint that matches her. Her hair too is a major cause of attraction – it reaches her waist in length. Indeed, a pretty actress playing the role of a vamp.

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1. Jyotsna Chandola

You will know Jyotsna Chandola better as Khushi in Sasural Simar Ka. It is very difficult to not hate her but her cute looks prevent her from hating too much. A very beautiful actress, she is given the role of a terribly scheming and hypocrite person who is always looking for avenues of trouble making. She is the one who is made for such roles where her beauty will conceal her doings but not too long. She also desperately wants to be ahead of all the character and especially the protagonists of the soap. Her scenes are the most watched among the rest. Her cute looks and her scheming personality make her a sensational presence on screen.



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